Proving Grounds SFV and Tekken 7 tournament in India 2018

About UFT Season 3

Result of Ultimate Fighting Tournament Season 3. Loveneet Wins UFT season 3

                                                                   ‘Tournament has finished’

Year’s first offline Tekken 7 tournament in India is going to take place on 6th May 2018. Yes, the Ultimate Fighting Tournament Season 3 is going to be held in Delhi next month. Here is some key information about this tournament:

  • Venue: De Indian Public School, Rohini 11, Pocket umber 9 Main Road, Sector-24, New Delhi: 110085.
  • Timings: 9am to 10pm
  • Entry Fee: INR 600 with on-spot registration. There is venue charge of INR 100 as well. However, the participants need not to pay the venue charges.
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 4 where participants are allowed to bring their own PS4 compatible sticks, controllers or converters.
  • Tournament will take place in a double elimination manner as any other international Tekken tournament.
  • Prize Money: As per the facebook event page of the tournament, there is fixed price for Top 8 players and here’s the breakdown (all in Indian Rupees which will be given in cash):
    1. 1st – 20,000/-
    2. 2nd – 12,000/-
    3. 3rd – 7,000/-
    4. 4th – 4,000/-
    5. 5th – 4,000/-
    6. 6th – 2,000/-
    7. 7th – 2,000/-
    8. 8th – 2,000/- (However prize pool is subject to increase as the organizers are about to get more sponsors)
  • Rules:
    1. Loser can switch characters. However, random stage-select will take place after every match as per the new rule of TekkenWorldTour.
    2. No customization is allowed, players need to stick with default costumes of the characters.
    3. Every match will be played in race to 2 formats where winner’s final, losers final and the Grand final will be of race to 3.
    4. Player who wins the losers finals have to reset the bracket by beating the winner of winners finals in first race to 3 match in order to face final race to 3 to win the 1st
    5. No fee (Venue or Entry fee) will be refunded even if the participants wish to quit tournament in between.
    6. Any miss-conduct by the players will lead to disqualification from the tournament and the player can be banned from upcoming seasons of UFT.
  • Live Stream: The founder of Ultimate Fighting Tournament, Mr. Pawan Chowdhary has recently tweeted that the season 3 will be streamed live on TekkenFreaks official YouTube and Twitch channels. Here are the links:
  • Social Media: Participants and viewers can share their thoughts about the tournament on various social media, under the following hashtags:
    1. #TekkenFreaks
    2. #UFTS3
    3. #TekkenIndia 
  • Tekken 7 Tournament in India 2018. UFT Season 3

Here are some important social media links to follow which will keep you informed about every action of the tournament:



Tekken has been a very popular fighting game in India since the time of Tekken 3. However, due to unavailability of game on PC and disinterest shown by the sponsors has led the community to scatter. But, the scenario has been changed since the arrival of Tekken 7 (the first game of the franchise for PC) in the market. As per the data circulated by TekkenFreaks (the largest fighting game community of India) Community after conclusion of Tekken-Crash Online tournament:

There are more than 300 Tekken7 players on Steam, around 100 players on PSN and around 200 players who prefer to play offline due shortage of internet or some other similar reasons. However, the sales data of Tekken 7 for both the platforms is pretty much higher, which comprises of casual gamers and cafe owners.

Most Popular Game of GamerConnect Pune 2018

In fact, Tekken 7 was the most popular game in a recent ‘GamerConnect’ event hosted by Nvidea in Pune on 22nd April 2018. Tekken 7 was played on most number of gaming laptops than any other game in the event. With the events like UCypher and Loveneet securing place in Top 5 in TekkenWorldTour2018 Thailand, the popularity of Tekken in India has been boosted. It won’t be a surprise that the Ultimate Fighting Tournament Season 3 might have the maximum number of footfall than any other Tekken tournament held in India till date.



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