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All About Triple Spark Plug Technique: Making of PULSAR 200 NS

Pulsar 200 NS, Bajaj, Spark Plug

Triple spark plugs technique is the latest technique, which are now commonly used in modern bikes. This technology has already created a spark in all bikes world. Earlier there were only one or two spark plugs generally used in every two wheeler s which ruled the bike world for several years, but now not any more.

As the name suggest 3 spark plugs, in this techniques 3 sparks plugs are used .Firstly before knowing anything about this technique we should know, what is spark plugs?


Spark plugs are the device which delivers electric currents from ignition system to combustion chamber to ignite the compressed fuel by an electric sparks. Spark plug has metal type shell, electrically being isolated from central electrode by porcelain. Generally spark plug makes the fuel present in the fuel chamber to burn and release energy so that vehicle can start.


Earlier, PULSAR 220 DTSI (highest selling sports bike in India) used Twin-Spark technology. Now let us discuss what will happen 3 of such spark plug is being used instead of one or two. This technique is now being recently used by BAJAJ Company in his latest launched PULSAR bike named as PULSAR 200 NS. In this 3 spark plugs are being used, in which primary plug enters the combustion chamber from the top-centre whereas other two secondary plugs are beneath it and enters the combustion chamber by the side ways. In this technique secondary plug fires a bit after primary ones fires.

According to BAJAJ this technology is making bike run speedy and gain more mileages with less time and use of fuel is less in comparison to all the oldest technology. For this reason only, 200 NS has better acceleration than any other bike. According to Bajaj this bike gives 10-13 kilometres per litres more mileage when compared to others.

This technique is a type of sensation in hearts of every bike lovers. By knowing all about this techniques one must say that is technique is going to rule the road.

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12 Comments to All About Triple Spark Plug Technique: Making of PULSAR 200 NS

  1. sharavana d says:

    can u send me the details of triple spark ignition in single cylinder

  2. siddhu says:

    can we replace the single spark plug with triple spark plug in passion bike

  3. govind kaji says:


  4. rushi says:

    how triple spark technology work over single spark engine

  5. JIGNESH RANA says:

    send me triple spark ignition detail and i want to buy this ignition kit

  6. Shailesh says:

    I think you should test it with a spare spark plug as to when primary and secondary fire. I think all three never fire together. What Bajaj claims in ads is not what is actual.

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