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Top 5 Servers to Play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory



Hello gamers, today I am going to tell you the top 5 servers to play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.  Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, as we all know is one of the best war games of all time, now as an open-source video-game; it has given us the opportunity to discover past in most adventurous manner. This list is based on the availability of the skilful gamers in the server, server response as in terms of low lags, and competitive maps in the server.

5) TWC HeadShot:

                Server IP: “”

If you wish to practice head-shot, this is the best server to start with. TWC HeadShot is an amazing server for beginners where death occurs only due to head shots. You cannot call an air-strike or fire a panzer in this map.  This server has diverse collection of maps but you would rarely find a game on traditional maps here. This is the perfect place to improve your aim and movement.

4) sKy-e.Beginners XPSave:

                Server IP: “”


On number 4 we have, “sky-e.Beginners XPSave”. This is a unique server, where you get “PPSH” as an extra gun to play with. Apart from modified maps, this map contains modified sounds and taunts that makes it a fun server altogether but takes away the World War feel. This server can be named as modern Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

3) Teammuppet Beginners:

                Server IP: “beginners.teammuppet”

Location: England

Now that you have improved your aiming & movement in TWC HeadShot, it’s the time to test them. TWC Beginners is the appropriate server to play in for those who have just understood the mechanics of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (like, sound of a headshot, sound of damage, where to plant landmines, where to call an airstrike, etc.). This server features skilled bots with decent number of human players available most of the time. Here you can keep track of your kills/deaths with engineers given extra opportunity to place trip-mines. Saberpeak_final, Troop Train, 1944 beach and Radar Summer are some of the most attractive maps in here.  

2) TWC NoDownloads twc forum, best server to play return to castle

                Server IP: “”

On number two we have another server from TWC named as “TWC NoDownloads”. Well, this is the server for Veterans of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Highly skilled, professional gamers from all across the world are available here almost 24×7 to kick your ass. This server is not for noobs, noobs will only make loosing sprees here (very good server to watch as a spectator though). TWC NoDownloads mostly contains traditional maps with very few new top-rated maps.

1)Teammuppet NoDownloads

  Server IP: “”

Teammuppet NoDownloads is at the top of our list. This is the place where an average gamer can learn and become a veteran. This server contains almost all the top rated maps. Gamers that usually play here are can be average or highly skilled.

Copy this URL for the Top rated maps of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory!!


Check out some gameplay in above mentioned servers:


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