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Top 5 Android Apps for Gamers

ign entertainment is the best android application for hard core gamers

Well, there are some who just can’t live without gaming. We bring you the most anticipated apps present on the internet to keep up your game spirit. Here are the Top 5 Android apps that a Gamer of every genre should have.


ign, the best gaming website where you can follow every game and discuss the cheats

1)      IGN Entertainment: At number 1, we have IGN Entertainment. You are not a gamer yet if you are unaware of IGN! Yes, it goes this way. IGN is a well-known gaming website which keeps you updated about all sorts of video game news, reviews, previews, cheats, walkthroughs and a lot more. IGN’s Android app brings you all of this and also the information about the Downloadable content of games. This app is easy to install and use.


best application for mobile gamers

2)      Machinima: Like IGN, Machinima is one of the most popular names when it comes to gaming. The video network covers a variety of gaming content and keeps you engaged for hours. All of the content published by Machinima can be accessed from the official app and also allows you to share them with your friends.


best application on android for following playstation exclusive games

3)      PlayStation: This name is not new for any gamer. The PlayStation app is essential for all PlayStation lovers as it allows exploring games, console devices and our profile on the PlayStation Network. You can keep a tab on your gaming achievements and also browse through Sony’s catalogue of PlayStation and PlayStation Vita Games. This app is worth keeping for following PlayStation exclusive games such as God Of War Series.


known to play, xbox live id, where you can share your game achievements

4)      Xbox SmartGlass: This is an app by Microsoft Corporation. Xbox SmartGlass app can connect to your Xbox 360 or Xbox One and lets you check out your Xbox profile, content stored on your console, and also browse Microsoft’s catalogue of gaming and video content. Well, there is a clear rivalry between Sony and Microsoft in gaming world, there are exclusive games for each console owned by these two companies, and Xbox SmartGlass and PlayStation app work in a same manner, in case you are a fan of games launched exclusively for Xbox or PlayStation, then keeping both the apps in your android phone is surely a good idea.


5)      Google Play Games: You are already aware of this app. Android has become a big gaming platform and it has already become the biggest mobile platform for gaming. The official Google Play Games app saves your profile and gives an overview of all the games (candy crush, temple run, Asphalt 8, subway surfer, etc.) you have played. This application also gives you game suggestions and you can also interact with your friends who are on Google Play Games.



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