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TekkenFreaks Online Crash Tournament

Tekken Freaks Tekken Crash Online Tournament december 2017


Indian TekkenFreaks community has decided to say good-bye to year 2017 in the most fascinating manner with yet another online Tekken7 tournament. This time it is Tekken-Crash. Yes, ‘Tekken-Crash’ is going to happen for the first time in India. Tekken Freaks Online Crash Tournament (A friendly tournament) will begin sharp at 7pm IST on 30th December 2017. This format of Tekken tournament is very popular in countries like Japan, South-Korea and USA; it will be a treat to watch how Tekken Players in India and Dubai respond to it. Yes, you read it right; Tekken Freaks has left the participation open for Tekken players in Dubai as well.

Before you jump into the registration here are the eligibility and rules of the tournament:


  • You need to have a steam ID as it a Steam exclusive tournament.
  • You should have Tekken7 under your steam. (Irrespective of Deluxe edition or the normal edition or the season-pass)
  • You must be above 14 years of age.
  • Your Tekken7 game should be updated with whatever latest update which may come in before 31st
  • You must have a reliable internet connection
  • Each Team consist three players with each having unique steam IDs.
  • Tekken players from India and Dubai are eligible to participate in the tournament.


  • Tournament will take place in a double elimination (of Teams) format.
  • Each match will be maximum of 5 sets or minimum of 3 sets where each set is of race to 3 rounds.
  • Loser’s finals, winner finals and Grand final will also be of one match.
  • Auras and customized items are not allowed, whereas various costumes are allowed and Santa-Cap is also recommended.
  • Use of bad language inside the steam chat by any player will lead to disqualification from the tournament.
  • Unavailability of any participant at any stage of the tournament will lead the entire team into the loser’s bracket and finally out of the tournament.
  • In any special case which is not covered in above mentioned rules, the final decision will be taken by jury members of TekkenFreaks community.

Tekken Crash Tournament India 2017

For those who are not aware of Tekken-Crash format, here is the quick description:

Suppose there are Two Teams named ‘A’ and ‘B’ which has got three members each; namely ‘X’, ‘Y’, and ‘Z’ in Team A and ‘X1’,’Y1’, ‘Z1’ for Team B then matches are going to take place in following manner:

‘X’ Vs ‘X1’; if ‘X’ won the race to 3 rounds then next match:

‘X’ Vs ‘Y1’; if ‘X’ won again then next match:

‘X’ Vs ‘Z1’; if ‘X’ won again then final result=’Team A’ won.

Here are the important links:

Important Steam IDs whom you must add:

  1. Raging-Mode
  2. Hans02591
  3. SS_Hunt225


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