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The King of Iron Fist Tournament is likely to be back again as the father of Tekken, Sir “Katsuhiro Harada” unofficially announced Tekken 7 in 2014. At E3 he confirmed that the launch of “Tekken Revolution” (launched exclusively for PlayStation 3) is just to drew back the gamers to the franchise; later when asked a bit more directly for the next installment of the main series he indicated that they are planning for something special for the 20th anniversary which is next year.

Back in 2010 also, Harada confirmed Tekken 7, but now he is quite careful in officially announcing it. Tekken 7 will share much DNA from Tekken Revolution, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken 6 as well, and will feature longest character line-up of which Harada indicated earlier this year. Tekken Revolution isn’t special; it is just like a candy given to a hungry lion that was looking for some flesh since years.

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Tekken 6 was launched back in 2007 (in arcade, later ported to consoles in 2009), since then fans are desperately waiting for the next chapter. Apart from the Tekken main series, there were games of Tekken like “Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion”, “Tekken Tag Tournament 2” and now “Tekken Revolution” came, that kept the interest of gamers, but none were as impact full as Tekken 6 (Tag 2 scored less than 8 at IGN and Revolution just received 6 at Edge).

Another big question which Namco Bandai refuses to answer is the launch of Tekken X Street Fighter. Earlier this year in March Harada tweeted regarding Tekken X Street Fighter “changing and considering platform strategy” as announcement of Sony PlayStation 4 was due. Tekken was never for PC gamers and Street Fighter was always there for PC. Will the roaster of art rivals will be launched for PC as well?? That’s what a big thing for Namco to decide. Game was 10% complete until the last report came in. It will not be a surprise if Tekken 7 comes before Tekken X Street Fighter.

They’ve been technologically advanced from all the rest games, we can expect something really very special on the eve of 20th anniversary of Tekken.

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