Proving Grounds SFV and Tekken 7 tournament in India 2018

Tekken 7 Official Tournament in Delhi

Details of NeSC or IESF tournament in Delhi 2017


The first ever National Tournament of Tekken 7 is going to be held on 10th September 2017 in New Delhi. Well, it’s not a tournament, it is basically the qualifier for the Busan (Korea) Tekken 7 event. Which means the winner of the event which is going to held at Delhi on 10th September 2017 will represent India in BUSAN (Korea) event which is will be organised by “International e-Sports Federation” i.e. IESF in the month of November.

The game will be held in a double-elimination fashion as the Tekken has always been. Here is some key information of the event:

  • Venue: Battle-Ground e-Sports Cafe, New Delhi- 110034. India. 10 a.m. onwards.
  • Entry fee: Not decided as yet, but you need to pay INR 100 or 200 as the café charges. Though the confirmation is yet to come.

battle ground eSports Cafe India is the venue for Tekken 7 tournament in India

  • Platform: PlayStation 4
  • Prize Money for the Winner and the Runner-up= NIL (as it is the qualifier for the bigger event in Korea)
  • Registration: 18th August 2017 till 8th September 2017 at this link
  • Winner should have a valid passport.
  • Winner of the qualifier will have to get overseas Medical & Travel Insurance including Visa, air tickets and other transportation expenses by himself. NeSC or ESFI will not provide any travel expenses for the winner.
  • The accommodation at the World Championship (Busan-Korea) will be provided by IeSF for the winner.
  • Important links to go through:
  1. Regulations, Terms & Conditions for NeSC 2017:
  2. Parental Approval Form for players below 18 years:
  • Organizer of the event is NeSC. Mr. Lokesh Suji is the manager for this event, his Facebook profile link is
  • Official photographer of the event is Mr Arun Rawal. His Facebook profile link is
  • NeSC covered by


Before you pack your bags for the qualifiers in Delhi, here are some facts you should look into:

  1.  All the information mentioned above is taken from a facebook event-page “”
  2. There is no prize money, the winner of the qualifier will get a chance to represent India in the World Championship in Korea.
  3. Will the participants be listed in the national Tekken7 rankings?? Well, there is no information for that as well.



The previous major tournament which was held back in 2015 was a hit , hope so this tournament is no less.

Enjoy some casual battle of Tekken 7 here