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All About Batman: Arkham Origins

Darkknight Origins, deathstroke; arkham City2

  Price: Rs. 2885 for the PS3 version (48US$ approx.) Rs. 1499 for the PC version Had it been released on Christmas, the story might be different; for now, Arkham Origins fails to fulfill the expectations of DarkKnight fans. Developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, “Batman: Arkham Origins” received an average opening opposite to the expectations. However, Rated 7.8 by IGN, this prequel isn’t a total flop. The story-line, character of Joker, locations, amount of action, etc. are the main concern of the game that we will be discussing inRead More

All About Mass Effect 3

Mars, Unreal Engine

Price: Rs. 800/- for PC version About:  A total new experience, although the story remains strongly connected to its predecessor. An EA Sports production, Mass Effect-3 is an extra-ordinary science-fiction, third-person, role-playing, action-adventure video game. Mass Effect 3 is the continuation of previously launched Mass Effect 2 whose story revolves around the locations in a galaxy where Commander Shepard is the only living sign of human progress to both aliens and Alliance, invited to join the Spectres (a secret group of Special Forces). What all Commander Shepard face at SpectresRead More

All About Dust 514

Unreal Engine 3, Faster than Light

Price: Not Available in India About: Launched exclusively for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, Dust 514 is a first-person shooter game with a multiplayer feature only. Developed by CCP games, Dust 514 is set up at about 21000 years in future which follows some science fiction events. Interestingly, this game takes you into the situations where faster than light travelling resources are present, and universe is governed by some space organization. Eve Online is term used in game for fictional universe which consists of various planets where combat takes place.Read More