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Bionz X image Processor


All About Bionz Imaging Processor

Making of Sony Alpha 7 r

What is an image processor? In layman terms, an image processor can be defined as the one that interprets or processes user’s needs and facilitate them with all the features in terms of the on-screen appearance. It is also known as media processor. Basically, an image processor is a chip with multi processor architecture that is in-built into a digital camera. It utilizes parallel computing even with SIMD or MIMD technologies in order to maximize speed and efficiency. Image processing processes the signal and efficiency. Image processing processes the signalRead More

All About Sony Alpha 7R

1.23 million dots LCD screen

Price: INR 1,24,990/-           $2299 It’s the time when mirrorless cameras are creeping over DSLR territory in the same manner when android was slowly making its reputation in smartphones. Talking about Sony Alpha 7R, well, this is the most exceptional digital camera manufactured by Sony in history. Packed with 36 Mega Pixel full frame sensor, the Alpha 7R is the world’s first full frame mirrorless camera. The 36MP full frame sensor of Sony Alpha 7R is excellent at capturing detail, not just because of the pixel count, but also becauseRead More