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Subject 2923 Review | Remnant from the Ashes

Subject 2923’ is the recent DLC for ‘Remnant from the Ashes’ which is the direct sequel to the campaign of the main title. In this DLC players get the chance to discover the origins of ‘The Dreamers’ and to fight the ultimate problem ‘ROOT’ in the end. ‘Subject 2923’ is subject to new frozen map where most of the creatures are modified rodents.

The map design is pretty decent and it keeps the feel of the main title. My favorite boss in the campaign is ‘Brudvaak, The Rider’; however, the most difficult boss in the campaign was ‘IKRO’ (if played in Nightmare or above difficulty). The most useless (or boring or irritating) part of the campaign is the mission named ‘Explore Ward 13’.

Subject 2923 also come with ‘Reisum‘ in ‘Survival Mode’, which I would say the toughest area in the survival. You get 1000 EUROS to equip armor, weapon and the ring/amulet. Just like hardcore-mode, death is permanent in survival. However, here you get to face infinite enemy waves and bosses. Scraps & upgrades are available on the go, and the clock is always ticking. Players will get survival specific rings and traits as they progress.

Coming to the weapon section of Subject 2923, the most important weapons are ‘Fusion rifle’ and ‘World’s Edge’. Players receive max-level fusion rifle which has high accuracy and rate of fire. The mod damage is great, but this is certainly not the best long gun in the game.

Spiceroot’ and ‘Antiserum’ are the important consumables, while ‘Survival Goggles’ is the most attractive armor in the DLC. Subject 2923 also come with new traits and effective weapon mods.

Adventurer Goggle is the DLC armor

‘Subject 2923’ looks fresh and it is fun to play.  Just like the main title, it contains aggressive and non-aggressive bosses where you have to figure out different ways to kill them. This DLC is better to be played in 3-player COOP and the campaign deserves to be completed at least twice in different difficulties.  Overall, this DLC deserved to be purchased.

If I have to rate this DLC on the count of 10, I would rate it 8 on account of irritating glitches and the repetitive sound of the rat-like creatures.