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SteelSeries APEX M500 keyboard Review

SteelSeries APex M500 Professional Gaming keyboard with BOX

I am writing this review after using this keyboard for nearly 10 months. Steelseries APEX M500 is a beautiful mechanical gaming keyboard. APEX 500 is packed with original Cherry-MX red switches

Steelseries Apex M500 has a unique touch and feel. SteelSeries has done a remarkable job in making the Key-caps for this keyboard. The Key-caps are soft and each key-press gives a feeling of contentment.

I’ve been using this keyboard for playing fighting games like Tekken 7 which requires frequent key presses. I’ve played fps games like DOOM 2016, DOOM Eternal, Wolfenstein New Colossus and Valorant on this keyboard. Even after 10 months, each key-press feels the same. As SteelSeries says, ‘Built like a tank’, this keyboard has an ultra-durable structure.

Apex M500 is not an entry-level mechanical keyboard, but indeed it is a Professional level Mechanical gaming keyboard. Tom’s guide has listed Apex M500 as the best E-sports keyboard.
It might take a little time to adjust to this keyboard if you have used keyboard with CherryMX blue or brown switches in the past. I remember when I started playing on this keyboard the

Steelseries Apex M500 modded with Razer Key-caps
Steelseries Apex M500 modded with Razer Key-caps

Enough of talking, now let’s quickly jump into the notable features and possible drawbacks of this keyboard:

  1. All-Key Anti-ghosting: Just like every other professional gaming mechanical keyboard, APEX M500 offers 100% anti-ghosting
  2. Steel-Series guarantees 50 million clicks durability for this keyboard
  3. Steel engine 3 can be used to control the LED
  4. However, this is not a programmable keyboard where you can set macros. For  that reason you can take this keyboard in every E-sports tournaments
  5. I would not say that APEX M500 is a dirt repellant, but it catches dust very slowly when compared to other mechanical keyboard
  6. Apex M500 weighs too much. It is quite heavier than other mechanical keyboards (1241 grams)
  7. Comes with durable clip-stand
  8. Doesn’t come with braided cable. However, the cable is very durable
  9. Doesn’t have a scroll bar
  10. Close competitor: HyperX Alloy FPS, Thermaltake Poseidon
  11. Cleaning the dirt from the keyboard can be very difficult as this thing doesn’t come with a key-cap puller. Requires cleaning in regular intervals as the dirt keeps on accumulating in the switch panel. Overall a difficult to mod keyboard
  12. Makes very less noise
  13. Carved key-caps which can be washed


Yes, APEX M500 is definitely the outstanding professional mechanical gaming keyboard in this price range that has a unique feel and solid performance. Even for the people who are looking to get a mechanical keyboard for their day to day typing work, APEX M500 won’t disappoint them

Value for money

I got this keyboard at INR 3300/- from amazon almost 10 months back. But this keyboard easily worth INR 7000/-. So, even today if someone is selling this keyboard at around 4k, (after using it for a year) do not hesitate to buy it!!

Check out the sound of APEX M500 in the video below

Note: If the key-caps are getting removed every now and then while playing or typing. Then, you probably received a faulty product. Immediately ask for the replacement