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Special Report on NFS: Most Wanted

Best handling cars in nfs most wanted


Games like Need for Speed: Most Wanted are developed once in a  life time. Need For Speed: Most wanted is as popular as Counter-Strike in many countries and it’s probably the best contestant to be the game of decade. And why not it would be?? This game had everything which generations will remember. Still for most of the racers, racing means NFS: Most Wanted only.


Most Wanted SUV


Here we are bringing you the list of fastest cars present in the game when equipped with Junk-Man Performance upgrade (Nitrous and other). (Those who don’t know how to open Junk-Man N20; type “burgerking” here (as shown in the image) before pressing enter or clicking to continue; complete the bonus race of the challenge series; Junkman parts unlocks, and you can easily upgrade the cars present under “My Cars”)


1)      Lamborghini Mercielago:                            399 km/hr *

2)      Ford GT:                                                            393 km/hr

3)      Porsche Carrera GT:                                   389 km/hr

4)      Lamborghini Gallardo:                               389 km/hr

5)      911 Turbo S:                                                      389 km/hr

6) Porsche Cayman S                                              387 km/hr

7)      Dodge Viper SRT10:                                      387 km/hr

8)      GOLF GTI:                                                         387 km/hr

9)     Aston Martin DB9:                                        387 km/hr

10)      BMW M3 GTR                                          385 km/hr*

11)   Mazda Rx-7:                                                       384 km/hr

12)   Corvette C6:-                                                       383 km/hr

13)   Mercedes McLaren Benz:                                382 km/hr

14)  Mitsubishi Evolution:                                          382 km/hr

15)   Mitsubishi Eclipse:                                            382 km/hr

16)   SUBARU Impreza:                                               378 km/hr

17) Lotus Elise                                                                374 km/hr


Some Strange Facts:

1) It was the first and the last game from Need For Speed Franchise that featured Drag Races

 2) Challenge number 63 of challenge series, is the most difficult race of the game.

3)      Lamborghini Mercielago reaches to a speed of 399 km/hr during LAN play only, otherwise it can only touch 398 km/hr (with ultimate or Junkman N2O)same thing with BMW M3 GTR, this car reaches a top speed of 385 km/hr in LAN play only, otherwise it can only go up to 374 km/hr.

4)      Porsche Carrera GT reaches to a top speed of 389 km/hr before any other car does; and it is the only car in the game that can run at a speed of 389 Km/hr for consecutive 15 seconds in a circuit named “City Perimeter”!

5)      BMW M3 GTR reaches a speed of 340 km/hr before any other car.

6)      Ford GT (2nd fastest) has a poor acceleration and reaches a speed of 300 km/hr even after Lamborghini Gallardo.

7)      BMW M3 GTR has best acceleration than any other car in NFS: Most Wanted, but it is certainly most uncertain cars (in terms of Top Speed) in the line-up.

8) Lotus Elise has the best handling than any other car; for that reason it the the most favorite car for any racer participating in various tournament where BMW M3 GTR and Porsche Carrera GT are banned.

9) You can drive Trucks, SUVs and other police cars in Challenge Series only.

10) Need For Speed: Most Wanted is the last game from Need For Speed series that can be played on LAN.

 Top speed of BMW M3 GTR in NFS MW



 Check out some LAN races here

Here are the Top 10 Cars to Play with in LAN race other than BMW M3 GTR and Porsche Carrera GT for circuits & sprints when junkman N2O and performance matching is on:

10) Renault Clio

9) Lotus Elise

8) Dodge SRT VIPER

7) Subaru Impreza (easy handling)

6) Mitsubishi Evolution (easy handling)

5) Lamboghini Mercielago (not  easy to handle)

4) Lamboghini Gallardo (not easy to handle)

3) Porsche 991 turbo S

2) Corvette C6.R (Yellow version which is available in Bonus, though you cannot add junkman part to it)

1) Porsche Cayman S (easy handling)


 Learn to Play NFS: Mw on LAN here

 Note: Only 4 players can play simultaneously in LAN

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14 Comments to Special Report on NFS: Most Wanted

  1. Jacob Gardner says:

    Actually, the Porsche Carrera has the best acceleration when fully upgraded, not the BMW

  2. sajjad Ahmed says:

    actually NFS Underground 2 also had drag races

  3. Gautham says:

    I was able to churn out 391km/h from mercedes SL 500 and 386km/h from mercedes clk 500 using junkman. Handling is a bit difficult in both of these

    • Hans says:

      That’s strange, we were never able to that. You got the clip or the snap-shot so that we can update our list?? We were able to do 393kph with Ford GT, so we updated our list. Follow me on instagram at I’ll be doing the speed test of Mercedes Benz SLR at City Perimeter.

      • joseph says:

        I was definitely able to get 390 on fully upgraded SL500 although I crashed both times nearing the top speed, so I really think it is plausible to get just one more KM, maybe you guys can do it. I will put up a pic and try and see if i can do a recording. I dont know how so need to see youtube first LOL…

  4. nfsracer12 says:

    murcielago is the fastest car if you remove the rev limiter just search up on yt and watch nlgzrgn

  5. s.sreeatsava reddy says:

    hey iam not able to open challenge no.7and8 in my mostwanted game can u help me

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