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All About Sennheiser OCX 685i sports


Price: $79.95 (INR 4,876 approx.)

The brand that keeps you rolling on the ground will now make you go jump in the air. The whole new Adidas’s in-ear headset from Sennheiser is in here to do the justice with the quality audio that any one is searching for, the “Sennheiser OCX 685i sports”. This ‘sports’ moniker in-ear headset; around-the-ear frames a rubber loop and gives a secure and firm fit. The headset’s model has kept the style of the brand and along with this we get a subtle and comfort elegance. With its great sound we hear the sparkling crisp on the highs, perfectly stating the signature of the Sennheiser sounds, the slightly understated mids and the accurate base. Keeping your rhythm going, this will burn your calories with decency.

The 12 m cable with the impedance of 16 ohm drums the frequency response of 18-20000 Hz and has the Sound pressure level (SPL) of 120 dB. It has an excellent connectivity with almost every music system we have, as in with all MP3, iPhone, iPod, iPad, mobile phones (3.5mm), CD players, miCoach and AV systems in gyms.

The water proof body stays on, no matter how much sweat or water you drop. The para-aramid reinforced (bullet proof) cable of Sennheiser OCX 665i sport gives the additional tough and strong look.

For those music freaks and workout lovers, here is the definite must thing to push the tracks with the boost.


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