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All About Samsung Smart WB30F Point & Shoot

Point and SHoot, Outstanding Wifi, Share and click photos, samsung digi cam


Price: Rs. 9400/-


Nowadays, a digital camera without Wi-Fi connectivity is unthinkable. Even in the range of 10k, Wi-Fi connectivity is a must in any digital camera. Currently various brands are offering ultra-smart features in a digital camera at very attractive prices. Samsung Smart WB30F is surely a top class Point & Shoot digital camera offering some exciting features with high per formability.

The 16.2 Megapixel Samsung Smart WB30F features an ultra-compact microslim design which makes it highly portable. The built-in Wi-Fi enables you to save and share your photos in social networks wirelessly.

Coming to the performance section, WB30F is a well capable machine for some outstanding still-photography and video recording. The 10x optical zoom and 24mm wide-range angle lens allows you take some amazing photographs of distant objects. The Video section is somewhat the weaker part of Samsung WB30F. You will clearly notice fringes while recording at dim light, apart from this, there’s nothing pulling back the video section.

Samsung WB30F does feature Optical Image Stabilization which does performs well. Apart from that, rest specifications such as Program AE, Face Detection AE, etc. are similar as in other digital cameras nowadays.

Talking about the close competitive, Canon IXUS 240 HS Point & Shoot gives a better feel in terms of buttons and body, but the performance features are somewhat same. It will be advisable to go for WB30f and save some penny.

w30f red, available in 5 colors

Special Features of Samsung Smart WB30F at a glance:

1) Built-in Wi-Fi

2)   Video Display Resolution of 720p at 30fps

3) Shutter Speed of 1/2000 – 1/8 sec

4) Live Panorama

5) Action Still Photos Exposure

6) Weight of just 130g

7) 5x digital zoom

8) 16.6 Total Pixels

9) Available in five distinct colors