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Redgear Chameleon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Best Budget Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Recently I’ve been looking for a tutorial on ‘How to clean your mechanical keyboard’, and RedGear came up with ‘This is how you keep your mechanical keyboard away from dust’. Packed with 104 kailh blue keys, RedGear Chameleon is a colorful addition to RedGear series of mechanical gaming keyboards.

This keyboard gets its name from species of Lizards that have capability to change their colors frequently. Well, that is pretty significant from the presence of new LED backlight with dynamic lighting mode. Let us quickly jump into the PROS and CONS of having RedGear Chameleon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.


  1. Suction Panel: RedGear Chameleon comes with a metal cover which doesn’t allow the keyboard to catch dust easily. The suction panel comes with the set of magnets attached to it which makes its removal and attachment from the keyboard very convenient.
  2. Design and Build: Suction panel provides extra strength to the keyboard. The newly designed gold-plated connector, the braided cable, those wide keyboard stand clips and the overall ergonomics makes it more durable than its predecessor.
  3. Full Key Anti-Ghosting: Well, this feature is pretty common among all professional mechanical keyboards. Chameleon offers all keys anti-ghosting. Apart from that RedGear chameleon comes with all new ‘6 key mode rollover’ (which can be activated by pressing Fn+~), which restricts keyboard usage up to 6 keys combinations at a time. Well, this feature might be useful for people who play fighting games on keyboard where they don’t want extra keys to be pressed.
  4. LED and Lighting modes: The placement of led under the key-cap, right beside the switch makes this gaming keyboard more bright and colorful. Chameleon offers multiple lighting modes along with two customizable modes.
LED placement beside the Kailh blue switch in RedGear Chameleon Gaming Keyboard
LED placement in RedGear Chameleon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  1. Window Key lock feature: Well, that’s pretty much common among all the gaming keyboards these days.
  2. Touch and feel: Typing on Chameleon is a different experience. After taking the feedback from few of my journalist friends who were using a different blue-switch keyboard, I can easily say that Chameleon gives you a better typing experience than Zebronics Max Plus, RedGear Mk881 Invador and other clicky blue-switch keyboards in the market.
  3.  Carved Key-caps: As any other RedGear mechanical keyboard, all the key-caps are carved. Letters/symbols are never going to fade. There is a significant change in the Font of the alphabets.
USB connector and key caps of RedGear chameleon Gaming Keyboard
Design upgrades in RedGear Chameleon Gaming Keyboard
  1. Comes with Key-cap removal Tool
  2. Looks: RedGear Chameleon looks attractive. It feels like you have two keyboards at a price of one. Bored with the suction panel? You just need to remove it and the new keyboard is ready to use. You can be creative by coloring the suction panel.


  1. Chameleon offers just two customizable profiles
  2. Once you remove the suction panel, RedGear chameleon is still a dirt magnet
  3. No indicator is present for Window Key-lock on or off, or ‘6 key mode RollOver’. Which means you will always prefer to enable Window key-lock before launching a game. Earlier there was a separate indicator for this feature just beside scroll-lock led.
  4. LED colors for each row is fixed. F1,F2..F12 row has a red light, ’Backspace’ row has a blue light, ‘Tab’ row or the 3rd row has a fixed green light and so on.

Close competitors:

Budget Mechanical Keyboards
Budget Keyboards in this price range
  • Zebronics Max Plus (Priced slightly less than Chameleon and slightly inferior in touch and feel , comes with Cherry MX blue keys, here is purchase link
  • Cosmic Byte CB  GK-11 (Priced slightly higher than Chameleon, with pretty similar touch and feel, comes with a unique palm rest and offers customizable LED colors in each row, here is the purchase link
  • RedGear Mk881 Invador tournament edition with Kailh Blue switches

Verdict:RedGear Chemeleon is a wonderful addition to RedGear series of Mechanical Gaming Keyboards. With the revised price tag of less than INR 2,800/-, Chameleon is surely the best buy among all the keyboards with clicky blue switches available in the market.”

Important Specifications:

  • 1000HZ polling rate
  • 6 key mode rollover
  • ABS+Iron metal
  • USB Port Cable: Anti-oxidant USB with gold-plated, 1.8m long braided cable
  • 50 million times click durability

RedGear Chameleon is available in three colors. Grab your keyboard from here