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All About Nomophobia

smart phone addiction among youth
Are you a Nomophobic?? Making it a little simpler, are you among people with “Mobile Phone Addiction”. Confused, check you with these symptoms and credit yourselves with these valuable points.

  • Checking out your phone to every 10 seconds, which may include you in the poo, breakfast, in the bus, in your classes and the favourite of all; Dinner!
  • Getting a Hallucination of receiving a text or email, when actually it hasn’t. In a parallel case, getting up desperate to send a text or browse twitter or Facebook to every 10th minute of your life.
  • You have now marked yourselves a graduate multitasker…Talk & Text, Walk & Text, Drive & Talk, Text & Eat. The list is long, do some appreciable labour. J
  • People have started making you the subjects of there decision. You been defending your part with some boring & aging speeches. On being the best of you, ignoring…  K
  • You sleep with your phone next to you, for avoiding any of the text which you may receive. The last thing you are habitual is to check your phone before sleeping, & phone being the first thing you reach for, at morning. Huh!!
  • You never switch off your phone, for you been afraid of not receiving a text, or may be a call. Additionally, you keep your phone near you (pocket or bag), & not finding it near you literally skips a beat of you.



So you are done now. Measure your heartbeats…Result Time!! Hope you were true to yourself.


  • 1 or <1 — Congrats! You are normal & having a perfect balance between life & the digital world.
  • Less than 5, Equal to 5 & Less than 6—- Beware, you have the Namophobia & some self help with control can prevent. Or make some reverse actions. Go for it!
  • 6— Alas!! You require medical attention, for it is medically proved that phone addiction & drug addiction do have the same effects on brain chemical balance.


Hey, Relaxed, Tensed, And Worried. Do not flow with them since we never mean these emotions to you.

So the next time you catch yourself with these symptoms. Beware the one in you, because it might not be the only Love. J


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