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All About Nokia Lumia 620

1 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor S4,Best lumia,multi-color back panel

Price: Rs 12,249 /-(Black)

               Rs 12,473 /-(White)

               Rs 13,630 /-(Yellow)

               Rs 13,999 /-(magenta)

               Rs 14400 /-(Cyan)

Android smartphones are very common these days and everybody wants something different from others. So if you are bored from Google’s OS and doesn’t have the budget to purchase an IPhone or Blackberry then you can “switch to Lumia”. Yes that’s the tagline which is Nokia being used after the launch of Windows Phone 8 OS. After the launch of this new OS Nokia is being busy introducing new Lumia devices and one of them is Nokia Lumia 620.

Lumia 620 is the third handset launch in the Windows phone 8 family after Lumia 920 and 820. It is a mid-range handset so you don’t need to spend a lot of money while purchasing it.


Lumia 620 looks decent in the hands since it is very colorful and you can change the back shells with variety of colors that Nokia is offering. It has curved edges of plastic cover which is comfortable to hold and the back shells are solid so there is less fear of dropping it compare to other handsets. 620 are quite bulky weighing 127 g which is more than any mid-range handset available in the market. On the front screen it has three soft buttons for ‘back’, ’start’ and ‘search’.

On the right side of the device there are also three physical buttons specifically for volume rocker at the top then lock/power button in the middle and the camera button at the bottom.

On the top of the device there is 3.5mm jack for your headphones and on the bottom of the device there is a micro USB port for charging the phone or connecting it to the Computer.



Lumia 620 has 3.8 inch display with 480×800 resolution display with 246 ppi pixel density. The screen size is very small compared to other handsets but the display looks very good and the response of touch is superb. The best part of this display is that it has Clear Black technology which means you can use your phone under the sunlight without any problem.


Lumia 620 runs on  Qualcomm snapdragon  S4  dual core processor with clocking speed of 1Ghz  along with GPU Adreno 305 supported by 512 MB of RAM which is low as compared to other phones but  Microsoft claims that Windows Phone 8 works  better than others Operating System  on the same amount of RAM.

1 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor S4, multi-color back panels,crystal black display


620 have 5 MP camera with LED flash with autofocus and geotagging. It can record videos up to 720p at 30fps. There is also front facing VGA camera on the top of the display for video calling but it works only with Skype.


Lumia 620 runs on windows latest OS i.e. Windows Phone 8 which can be upgraded to WP 8 AMBER.


In Lumia 620 there are all connectivity options specifically Bluetooth 3.0, NFC and GPS. It also features dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n.


620 have 8 GB internal memory along with 7 GB of SkyDrive space which can be increased through micro SD card up to 64 GB.


Despite all the things in Lumia 620 impress us but battery is one of the main drawbacks of this phone .It has 1300 mAH battery which is not enough since many application runs in the background  it drains out quickly so if you were going out remember to carry device charger because you will need it.


Nokia Lumia 620 is a good mid-range handset with all the facilities and few good points like   :

  • Great value
  • Expandable Storage
  • Solid specifications like NFC , compass
  • Changeable back shells

But there are few drawbacks also some of them are:

  • Small display
  • Battery drains quickly
  • No $ sign
  • Quite Bulky

So if you have to buy a mid-range handset than Nokia Lumia 620 is a good choice.

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