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Noctis Overview Tekken 7

Noctis Lucis Caelum Character Overview in Tekken 7

Noctis is out for quite some time as the third DLC character for Tekken 7. I am not going to talk about the tier or where should Noctis be placed in tier-list. This article is just the general overview of the character in order to understand his abilities and shortcomings. Here, we will be talking about Noctis punishments, pokes and some strategies.


  • Punishment
    1. 10 frames: Noctis has 1,2,2 as a 10 frame punisher which does 27 damage. It is -11 on block. This is pretty good.He does have 1,2 3 in which he automatically side-steps after first two hits.
    2. 12 frames: Mr. Caelum has got b1,2 as a 12 frame punisher which is ‘high-high’ and safe on block. However, Paul’s b1,2 still the best 12frame punisher as it is homing, knocks down the opponent and safe on block.
    3. 15 frames: Well, on 15 frames Noctis has df,2 (-15 on blocK). Here are some key-properties of Noctis’s Df2 (Royal Edge)
      1. Low crush.
      2. Has got a vast hitbox.
      3. The only move in game that can launch-punish Kuma’s ff2 and Heihachi’s ff2 100 out of 100 times.
      4. The only move in the game that can launch punish Jack 7 uf+1+2 followed by qcf 2 (in case u guard it just frame).
      5. Launch Punishes Paul’s demolition man (if the first hit i.e. d4 of Paul connects but doesn’t knocks you down).
      6. Launch punishes Jack’s f1+2 from all the ranges. This feature is quite unique as Jack’s f+1+2 has multiple hit-boxes.
      7. Launch Punishes Heihachi’s deathfist. Can also launch punish Paul’s deathFist but not from all ranges.
      8. Launch Punishes Jack’s df1, 2,2,1,2.
      9. Launch Punishes Jack’s ff2.Launch Punished Jack’s d+1+2

DF2 can do miracles for Noctis, check this Punishment Video

  • Whiff Punishment: Other than df2, Noctis has two important tools for whiff punishment
  1. F+2. This move has the largest hit box amongst all moves of Noctis. Safe on block (-9), 21 frames mid; can be side-stepped.
  2. F+1+2. Its 16 frames quick mid with a vast hit-box. -21 on block, linear move.
  • While Rising Punishment:
    1. Rising 4: 11 frames.
    2. Rising 1,2 : 13 frames punisher. -13 on block. Which poses advantage against moves like rising 2,1 of Jack or d2 of Dragunov.
    3. Rising 2,2: 15 frames Talespin launcher. -14 on block.
  • Slide mix-up just like Shaheen and Law.
  • Knock-Down Low: Noctis does have a knock down low name as ‘Maelstrom’. It is similar to that of Paul’s demolition man but it does gives floor-break. The last hit of Maelstrom is ground hitting. (d4,1,1+2).
  • Great side-step ability with decent backdash.



  • Other than while-crouching df2 which is -11 on block, all other lows of Noctis are either -13 or more or launch punishable. It could be a real threat while facing characters like Paul, BOB, Deviljin and Kazuya.
  • Slide mix-up is not as advantageous as in case with Marshall Law and Shaheen. The low option staggers and gives proper launch opportunity to the opponent (Say for example King can do while-crouching df2 to it, Jack can do rising 1 Paul and Law can do rising 2 to it); which is not the case against Shaheen or law where you need to do alternate combos when you guard that slide.

  • Lack of 15 frames rising-2 launcher. Single hit rising launcher plays a key-role in the game.
  • The knock down low ‘Maelstrom’ does give floor-break but it is launch punishable. The last hit of Maelstrom leaves the opponent in crouch and it is -18 on block. So, all the characters can launch it (king can do rising 1+2, jack can do rising 1); where Paul’s demolition man is a similar move, but cause of push-back, not all the characters can launch-punish it.
  • Noctis just got one command grab.


“Noctis Lucius Caelum has got some great punishment tools but lacks somewhere in terms of poking. It is better to play defensive with this character.”

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