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Most Hilarious Comments on DOOM Eternal OST

Hilarious comments on Doom Eternal Official Soundtrack by Mick Gordon

If you are a Doom Fan and a music enthusiast, by now you must be aware of the controversies regarding the DOOM Eternal OST. To put an end to the discussion regarding the release of DOOM Eternal Soundtrack, ‘Executive Producer: Id Software’ had published ‘DOOM Eternal OST Open Letter’ on reddit which can be read here. Now, without indulging into the details of the controversy, I bring you the top 5 hilarious comments on “The Only Thing They Fear Is You (DOOM Eternal OST)” composed by Mick Gordon

I didn’t get any high testosterone levels during this I BECAME TESTOSTERONE

“You can’t just listen to DOOM while studying” objective: study and tear

She: Do you play an Instrument? Mick: Yes! She: What do you play? Mick: The lawn mower She: Ha-ha, that isn’t an Instrument! Mick: 4:12

This makes me want to eat cereal with a sword

Me: listen’s while showering Germs: why do we hear boss music Wash and Clean until it’s done

Honourable mentions:

  • Me: sees a single dislike on a single doom eternal song. VEGA: “opening the portal now”
  • Man, I sure feel sorry for the demons at Micks house during this quarantine.
  • I followed through with the memes and listened to this while playing animal crossing. Dear god, gardening has never felt more empowering.
Doom Eternal Slayer Club profile
This is me trying to level up to the rank of ‘HellWalker’ even when my region is not eligible for giveaways

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