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All About Monsters University

Walt Disney Studios

Determination is good, but one should know his/her limitations. Directed by Dan Scanlon, “Monsters University” is a versatile combination of determination, bravery and team-work where the protagonist accepts his limitations.

“Monsters University” is the story of two monsters named Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and Sulley Sullivan (John Goodman) that are just admitted to Monsters University and have the same objective; i.e. to be the scariest monster. Mike is a short heighted single-eyed monster who studies hard and became teacher’s favorite. On the other hand Sulley is tall, strong, belongs to the talented family of scarers but over-confident and proud which leads to his down fall. Mike and Sulley had their differences which lead to a rivalry; due to which Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren) fail them both. The only way left for them to re-enter the Monster University is to win the Scare Games. Mike is stuck in a situation where he has no other option left, than to accept Sulley in his team. Can they make best out of their differences? Will their team named Oozma kappa (OK) win the Scary Games? For that you have to watch Monsters University.

This movie has an unpredictable ending. Where most of us will guess that it’s the end as soon as the Scary Game is over. This movie has much more important events after Scary Games, where you wish Mike to lose. Ending of the movie is fantastic, where Mike surprises Hardscrabble as promised. The two protagonists Mike and Sulley are making best out of their differences.

Monsters University tells us the importance of team work. Not only Mike and Sulley, but the other members of the team including “Don Carlton” (Joel Murray), “Terri Perry” (Sean Hayes) and Scott Squishy Squibbles (Peter Sohn) played an important role in the victory of Oozma Kappa. You’ll enjoy the theory of distraction by Terry Perry, applied during the library event in the Scary Game.

Talking about the looks, this movie is not for those who only like cute/good looking  characters in an animated movie like Winnie the Pooh, or the characters present in the movies like “Kung Fu Panda”, “Puss in Boots”, “Ice Age”, etc.. This is a movie of monsters; they look like monsters only. They are ferocious and ugly in look.

monsters university2

Released on June 21st 2013, distributed by Walt Disney Studios; Monsters University is a thoughtful movie which will keep you engaged till the end. The only downside I noticed is the concept of “Monsters Inc.” the scaring company. Apart from that, this movie is a great entertainer.

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