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MayFlash MaxShooter One Converter

Connect Keyboard and Mouse to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One


So, we have yet another converter for console gamers who wish to play their favourite games by the means of Keyboard and mouse. MayFlash MAXSHOOTER ONE allows you to connect keyboards and mouse to play games on your Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox One S. MaxShooter One is the solution for the fps lovers who are stuck with consoles. Before we jump into the features and basic advantages of MaxShooter One, make sure that the PS4 version of the game you wish to play doesn’t have a keyboard or mouse support by default, otherwise this converter serves no use.

Current Price: INR 16,888 on Amazon

Minimum Price sold till date: INR 5899/-

Here are some basic advantages of using MayFlash MaxShooter One:

    • Allows you to play games on consoles with mouse and keyboard. Some games are better played with mouse and keyboards only.
    • Doesn’t require a Dual shock 4 (the PS4 controller) to be connected simultaneously while playing games with the help of keyboard and mouse on your PlayStation 4. Well, this feature makes MaxShooter One a better converter from any other such converter available currently.
    • Configuration by keyboard is available. Which means you need not to download any software for button mapping; just plug your keyboard to MaxShooter One and MaxShooter One to the console (PS/Xbox) and do the button mapping.
    • {Check out the following video for button mapping on PlayStation 4}

  • Can Save up to 8 profiles.
  • Button mapping features such as navigation commands like up-forward, down-forward, down-back, etc. to one key is also present.
  • Configuration by software is also present for fast button mapping.

However there are some limitations of this converter which you should be aware of:

  • Wireless connectivity is unavailable. To cover that up, MaXShooter One comes with a long cable.
  • Button configuration by mobile device is not ttp://gadgeavailable. This is the only feature where XIM 4 wins the race.
  • You cannot map ‘PS’ button on keyboard. For that reason you will always require a Dual Shock 4 to turn on and off your PlayStation 4 or other functionalities that PS button offers
  • Button mapping by the use of software is little complex, we would recommend you to use button mapping by keyboard method.

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Performance: We tested Mayflash MaxShooter One with couple of shooting games on PS4 and Xbox one. We did not notice any kind of lag. We instead dig in deeper and tested maxshooter one with fighting games such as Tekken 7 and Injustice 2 thereby playing for long hours and executing some toughest moves of the game. MaxShooter One performs so well.

Verdict: Where Sony consoles not offering backward controllers compatibility, MayFlash MaxShooter One is surely a good buy. Button mapping with the help of android devices and wireless connectivity could have made it even better.

(Note: MayFlash MaxShooter One converter is allowed in various international fighting game tournaments)