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Tips to Master in Tekken

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Hello friends, today I am going to tell you how to master in Tekken. Created by Katsuhiro Harada, the King of Iron Fist tournament is one of the oldest fighting game franchises in the world. As we all know that Tekken is a unique video game; in a manner that is comparatively difficult game to master than any other video game, so here the few suggestions that will surely help you out to level up your game. (Before that, you need to select a device to play Tekken: Game Pad, Arcade Stick or a Hitbox)

  • Choose a character or two: Selecting a character of your choice is very important. You are not learning anything if you are selecting different characters in every other fight. This is the first step that differentiates you from a noob to a front-line tekken player. It is preferable to choose two characters at least and learn their abilities simultaneously.
  • Learn the command and combos: It is advisable to learn each command of your character. Figure out all the launchers and counter-hit launchers and a regular/confirm combo to follow. Select Ling Xiaoyu in the practice mode to practice the combo; learn the low-parry and the wall-combo as well.
  • Figure out top 10 moves of your character: Despite of the fact that almost every move is important to lean, but top class fight revolve around the top 10 moves only. You can check for the top moves of your character or can even ask me by dropping a comment at the end of the article.


top 10 moves of tekken characters, best moves in tekken



  • Figure out the low-crush, high-crush, moves that tracks opponent to the right, moves that tracks opponent to the left and the homing moves of your character.
  • Be sure of the range of the moves of your character.
  • Guard the visible lows: Say for example Bryan’s df+3 and King’s wc df+1 (30 frames) are very much visible. Do not eat them.
  • Download the Frame data and thereby figure out: (Advance gameplay begins from here, Tekken Chicken is a very popular android application for frame data)
    1. 10 frames, 12 frames and 15 frame punishers of your character.
    2. Safe mid and high moves of your character (a move which is -9 or less can be considered as safe)
    3. Plus frames moves of your character.
  • Play Turn by Turn: Tekken is always played in a turn by turn manner, guard a move and then execute/ execute a move and guard the opponent’s move. Here are few tips to remember:
    1. Never execute a move when you are in negative frames, i.e. it is not your turn when you are hit.
    2. Side-step or stand guard is preferable in case you are poked by a low or a mid-move to avoid the following move.
    3.  Do not duck for a 12 or 14 frames low poke until it is spammed by your opponent.
    4. Figure out the plus-frames move of your opponent, because it’s not your turn even after you guard a move which gives plus frames on block.
  • Practice the punishers: Never miss to punish. This is what called knowing the negatives of your opponent. It is always your turn after your opponent is hit by a punisher.
  • Practice to escape from a grab: Well, this is a skill which you learn from experience. There are many grab set-ups that you need to be aware of.
  • Work on your movement: Movement is what very important in Tekken. When to side-step, side-walk and wave dashing are very crucial part of advance game-play. For a beginner, I would suggest to work on side-step and play a forward-forward neutral game.
  • Play random: You wonder how your opponent is guarding even the 12 or 15 frames low pokes and escaping from every grab of yours. My dear friend, you are trapped, as you are playing in a chain. To avoid that:
    1. Use incomplete strings.
    2. Use different set-ups
    3. Don’t let your opponent to read you, play differently from yourself in every round.
    4. Learn from your opponent.



Hope the above mentioned 12 points will prove helpful for you. It takes time to master Tekken; it depends on how much you are passionate about the game. Tekken is leant in step by step manner; first play against a challenger of your level, then against a challenger of a level higher than previous and so on.

Note: This article is attempts to make you familiar with fundamentals of tekken, however it will be more useful to execute the suggestions mentioned in this article in Tekken 6 or later versions of Tekken (including Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tekken 7 or even Tekken 7 FR)

16 Comments to Tips to Master in Tekken

  1. Noum says:

    Can I ask for top 10 moves of Lili please ?

    • Hans says:

      Yea Sure, give us a day or two and we will surely provide you the Top 10 moves of Lili in Tekken Tag 2 🙂

        • Hans says:

          Hey Noum, here are the Top 10 moves of Lili
          1. 1,2 (I mix up the 3,4 ender a bunch, esp near walls)
          2. d/f+1
          3. d/f+2
          4. d/f+3 (on teching opponents, start myself with +3 frames)
          5. u/f+3
          6. QCF+1>2
          7. QCF+3+4 (+6 on block)
          8. d/f+3+4 (another way to start offense from afar since its safe now)
          9. d/b+4
          10. 2,4

    • Noum says:

      When you say top 10 moves, what are your criteria to choose one ? Because I’ve seen d/b+2 and I don’t use it often as it is a very punishable move.

      • Hans says:

        db2 ?? Or db+4?? Well, db+4 is a counter hit launcher and difficult to guard. Moves that has tracking abilities, neutral or safe on guard, difficult to block, damaging, etc. are included in Top 10. It doesn’t mean that a launch punishable move cannot be in top moves. Its always the usability of the move.

      • Noum says:

        Sorry, my bad, I meant d/f+2,a very punishable move, same as d/b+4 too. But you’re right, they are used often by Lili players despite that fact so I guess they deserve to be in the top 10 moves of her.

  2. Tokume says:

    This more like beginner to intermediate tutorial.

  3. Great tips! but what about playing styles. Every single person plays the game in a different way like slow pace, fast pace, defensive, offensive and many other styles.

  4. अंकू says:

    Tekken 7 या tekken Fr कैसे खेलें?

  5. Anonymos says:

    Top 10 moves of King pls

    • Hans says:

      1) df+2
      2) df+1,2
      3) Giant swing 1 and 2
      4) f+4
      5) uf+4
      6) f~qcf+4
      7) wc, df+2
      8) db+4
      9) uf+1+2
      10) df+4

      honorable mentions:
      a) df+3
      b) f+3
      c) wc,df+1
      d) f+1+2

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