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Best Keyboards To Play Tekken 7

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Playing fighting games on keyboard has become very common these days. Even the PlayStation 4 version of King Of Fighters has got a keyboard support. Before we get into the best keyboards to Play Tekken 7, here are some basic advantages of playing Tekken 7 on Keyboard over a traditional game-pad or PlayStaion 4 controller:

Advantages of using mechanical keyboard over PlayStation 4 controller for Playing Fighting games like Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V. , Redragon K551 vara mechanical keyboard for playing fighting games

  • Most importantly, Tekken 7 offers total of 12 keys bindings other than navigational keys compared to what is limited to 8 keys in a game-pad; i.e. apart from traditional L1, R1, L2, R2 you have four more keys to which can assign roles. Assigning rage art to single key without sacrificing any button is sure advantage.
  • QCF and QCB (the sway movement of Paul or crouch dash for many characters) is far easier on keyboard than on a PS4 controller.
  • Once you used to get used to keyboard, you’ll find that triple forward movement is also far easier than that in a game-pad
  • Playing with Mishima’s is way easier (almost similar to playing on an arcade stick) on keyboard than on game-pad.

Best keyboards to Play Tekken 7 (or any other fighting games like Street Fighter V etc.):

Those advantages are of no use if you do not have a responsive keyboard. ‘Anti-ghosting’ and 3-keys input are the most essential properties to play Tekken 7 on keyboard. So, here are the best keyboards to play Tekken 7

a). DSI-90 key Mechanical keyboard with CherryMX red switches:

Well, this is probably the cheapest red key mechanical gaming keyboard I came across. It is a full ‘Anti-ghosting’ keyboard, but does not have backlit.

Buy DSI-90 key Mechanical gaming keyboard from this link

b). Thermaltake Poseidon Z RGB:

Poseiden Z RGB cherrmy MX brown switch mechanical professional gaming keyboard to play Street Fighter V

Now you are in the Mechanical Keyboard territory. Poseidon Z RGB is noiseless and it is a full ‘Anti-ghosting’ (which basically means it is capable of performing actions even more than 4-key inputs for all key combinations) gaming keyboard thanks to cherry MX brown switches. It is slightly over-priced, but it is somewhat a perfect keyboard to play fighting games.

Buy Poseidon Z RGB mechanical gaming keyboard from this link

c). RedGear MK881 Invador Tournament Edition:

Redgear Mk881 Invador mechanical gaming keyboard to play Tekken 7 on Steam

If you are looking for in-budget mechanical keyboard with full ‘Anti-ghosting’, there is nothing better than MK881. Check out the complete review and understand the importance of anti-ghosting in this article

Buy RedGear MK881 Invador Tournament Edition from this link

Other options: Coolmaster CM Storm, XANOVA Pulsar.

Note: Mechanical keyboards are best suited to play fighting games, choose a mechanical keyboard based on the touch & feel, response, noise and bump.

Check out some matches played on Keyboard

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