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All About HP Chromebook 14-q001tu

Hp chromebook, chrome os, Intel Celeron processor with 4gb RAM


Price: Rs. 26,990/-

            450$ (approx..)

At times we are not sure about the purpose for which we are going to buy a laptop. Various companies offering a lot of attractive laptops within your budget create a lot of confusion for you. Well, HP Chromebook 14-q001tu has very clear objectives. Looking for a laptop for good internet browsing response?? HP Chromebook 14-q001tu is certainly the best option for you.

Powered by Intel® Celeron 2995U dual core processor with 4GB, the Chromebook 14-q001tu is a great performer. If in your entire life Windows, Android and Mac were your areas of interest, this is the time to take one step ahead and try something new with Chrome OS.

Chromebook 14-q001tu features Chrome OS (a Linux based Operating System) which is best suited for web browsing. For beginners, till now you have just browsed internet on Google Chrome; here you browse everything on a web browser.

Everything is “app” based; Chromebook 14-q001tu is for someone who is already using the Google ecosystem heavily for their work (like Gmail, Google Drive, and Calendar etc.). There is nothing stored locally, no programs to install, you are already equipped with spreadsheet, document, video, scheduler remainder, photo editor, etc. Initially you’ll find it a little twisted to use, but later you will find it simple, uncluttered and to the point.

Coming to the performance section, the hardware you are getting within this laptop appears to be weak when compared to other laptops of today; but for the simple OS like Chrome, these hardware configurations are more than enough. Multi-tasking didn’t slowed down the system, no noticeable system freeze while watching YouTube videos while working on spreadsheets along with streaming online radio. If at all there’s a necessity to bring in front a point against its solid performance; that was that muse cursor which lagged a little after opening up to 20 tabs in Chrome.

16GB FLASH drive, best chromebook, notebook for surfing net

There is no dedicated GPU present, Chromebook 14-q001tu can only be used for playing the odd casual games. The battery performance of HP Chromebook 14-q001tu is just remarkable, it lasted for full 8 hours in a single charge with normal day to day work. There is no optical drive; Chromebook 14 comes with 3 USB 2.0 ports, memory card reader and an HDMI out. The internal storage is limited to 16GB with Google Drive online storage of 100GB.

This machine is very attractive look-wise. It is slim with high quality plastic throughout. Keyboard has a good response and the first thing you’ll notice is that the Caps Lock key is marked as search key which serve the common purpose by using ALT key with it.

Attractive features of HP Chromebook 14-q001tu at a glance:

1)      Chrome OS

2)      4GB of RAM with Intel® Celeron 2955U dual core processor.

3)      Solid battery performance up to 8 hours and can be enhanced up to 10 hours on conservative settings.

4)      100GB of online space

5)      Boots in less than 10 seconds




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