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Basic Hacks to Speed Up Windows 10 PC

Basic Steps to Speed up and improve the performance of Windows 10 PC or Laptop


This article will help you to optimize and speed-up your Windows 10 laptop or PC. Good thing is that, for optimizing your Windows 10 laptop or PC, you need not to have much technical knowledge about computer. Following tricks are very simple and helpful; just read them carefully. So, here are some basic tips to speed up your Windows 10 laptop or PC.

  • Disabling the ‘start-up’ programs. This will instantly improve the loading time of your PC. Steps are:Disable startup application in Windows 10 to improve loading time
    1. Open ‘Task Manager” by right-clicking on windows icon or just by pressing ‘ALT+CTRL+DLT’
    2. There you can see the ‘Startup impact’ of all the programs, just disable them (this won’t uninstall any program). You many avoid disabling anti-viruses.


  • Delete the temporary files.  Your system consistently generates multiple temporary files, primarily under two folders; “Temp” and “Prefetch” folders. To delete them:Deleting Prefetch from Windows 10. run box in Windows 10
    1. Right-Click on the window icon (situated at the left down corner of your screen), click ‘run’ and type ‘%temp%” and press enter.
    2. Select all the folders (or press CTRL+A), press Shift+DEL and press enter.
    3. Similarly, type ‘Prefetch’ followed by ‘temp’ and delete all the folders.


  • Change the ‘power options’ to ‘high performance’. This setting is exclusively for laptops. Steps are:
    1. Right-Click on the window icon and select ‘Power options’
    2. Select ‘High Performance’

(Note: Never ever play a game in Power-Saver/Battery Saver mode on your laptop)

  • Defragment and Optimize drives. This tip is very important. Follow the steps carefully. Optimizing Disk in Windows 10
    1. Type ‘Defragment and Optimize drives’ in the search bar present at the right of windows icon and press enter.
    2. Optimize all the drives one by one by selecting each drive and clicking on the optimize button.
    3. Restart your system.


  • Reduce run-time services. This will also help to free your CPU and enhance the multi-tasking ability of your computer. Steps are:
  • Reducing run-time services in Windows 10
    1. Right-Click on the window icon and select ‘run’.
    2. Type ‘msconfig’ and press enter.
    3. ‘System Configuration’ window opens up; select ‘services’
    4. Click on ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ box.
    5. Now click on ‘Disable all’ button and click Ok
    6. Restart the system


  • Disk Clean-up. Steps are:Disk Cleanup in Windows 10
    1. Right-click on local disc C or the drive in which Windows 10 is installed and select ‘Properties’.
    2. Now click on Disk Cleanup
    3. Select all the files in the Disk Cleanup box and click on ‘clean up system files.


  • Setting your computer to ‘best performance’ mode. This step is optional as it degrades the visual effects (but have no impact on the graphics of any game running) but improve the performance of your PC. Steps are:
  • Setting Windows 10 for best performance
    1. Right-Click on the window icon and select ‘System,
    2. Now click on ‘Advance System Settings’ and click on ‘settings’
    3. Select ‘Adjust for the best performance’ and click ok.

So, these were some basic ways to speed up your Windows 10 PC. At any time, you can open task-manager and look for the processes which are occupying majority of the CPU, kill the process-tree if they are among the unnecessary applications. Avoid keeping files or folders on your homescreen (desktop), it occupies space on your C drive. ‘Ccleaner’ and ‘GenDiskCleaner’ are some useful software to delete the unnecessary files from your PC.