Proving Grounds SFV and Tekken 7 tournament in India 2018

All About Fighters ShowDown 2018

Fighters Showdown 2018 a Tekken 7 Exclusive Tournament

After UFT Season 3, the next major Tekken 7 tournament in India is going to take place in Pune on 3rd June 2018. Tournament named ‘Fighters Showdown’ will be held at the most anticipated gaming cafe of the city, known as ‘Havok Nation: The Gamers Destination’. Well, here are some important details about the tournament:

  • Venue: Havok Nation, F-19, East Court, Phoenix Marketcity, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014.
  • Timings: 10am to 9pm, 3rd June (Sunday) 2018
  • Entry fee: INR 300/- (200 as participation, 100 as the venue charges)
  • Registration: You can register here till 2nd  June ; however, the entry fee will be taken at the venue.
  • Platform: PC (Steam offline). This decision was taken after the mess created by the wireless PlayStation 4 controllers at UFT season 3. Players will be allowed to bring their own wired-pc-compatible controllers, sticks, hitboxes or keyboards (you can also bring your XBOX 360 controllers or sticks). However, programmable keyboards won’t be allowed.

Here is the configuration of the PCs present at Havok Nation, on which Tekken 7 will be played in Ultra settings with V-sync turned off

Havok Nation PC config for Tekken 7 tournament

Prize pool – INR 30,000/-

1st Prize – 15,000

2nd Prize – 8,000

3rd Prize – 4,000

4th Prize – 3,000NR

(Note: Prize pool is subject to increase)

Click here to view the official poster for ‘Fighters ShowDown’, designed by Mr. Deep Banerjee (Founder: Tekkenical India)


Loser can switch characters. However, random stage-select will take place after every match as per the new rule of TekkenWorldTour.

No customization is allowed, players need to stick with default costumes of the characters.

Every match will be played in race to 2 formats where winner’s final, losers final and the Grand final will be of race to 3.

Player who wins the losers finals have to reset the bracket by beating the winner of winners finals in first race to 3 match in order to face final race to 3 to win the 1st

No fee (Venue or Entry fee) will be refunded even if the participants wish to quit tournament in between.

Any miss-conduct by the players will lead to disqualification from the tournament

Sponsored by: Brawl to the Wall

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For Vlogs & Highlights of the tournament  subscribe to ‘Tekkenical India Fight channel” on YouTube.

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