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All About Epic



“If you stand still in forest long enough, you see signs of hidden struggles breaching between forces of life and decay.” Based on “The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs” by William Joyce, “Epic” indirectly brings a message to protect the forest life. Basically a fairy tale, Epic is the story of “Leaf Men”; the guardians of the forest.

A scientist named “Professor Bomba” (Jason Sudeikis) has spent his entire life in search of tiny soldiers (Leafmen). He is a crazy scientist, for whom his research is everything; he is least concerned for his wife and daughter. Annoyed from all this, his seventeen-year old daughter named “Mary Katherine” (Amanda Seyfried) decides to leave him. On the other side, down at the forest, Queen Tara (Beyonce Knowles) is about to choose an heir to her throne. The forces of decay (Boggans) attacks, in order to get hold of pod selected by Tara that will protect the greenery of forest. M.K. (Mary Katherine) ran into the forest to find Ozzy (her pet), who just ran away when she was about to leave his father. M.K. find wounded Tara after being transported to a deep forest setting. Tara gives the pod to M.K. and dies. Now, the protection of forest is in the hands of M.K. and the Leafmen. Will they able to protect the forest from evil forces lead by Mandrake?

NOD, forest, greenery of forest

Directed by Chris Wedge, a 2013 3D computer animated film, Epic is full of message giving dialogues, such as “Many leaves, one tree” and “No one is alone”. Epic casts Nod (Josh Hutcherson) and Mary Katherine into lead roles. But the main protagonist is Ronin (Colin Farrell). He is brave and knows his responsibilities as well. Epic ends with the return of greenery to the forest, Nod coming to right path where he understands his responsibilities and return of daughter to her father. Comedy elements are carried out well by slug Mub (Aziz Ansari) and snail Grub (Chris O’Dowd). Graphics is good, those birds, leafmen, leafs, fruits, forest locations and other small creatures looks very beautiful. Editors Andy Keir and Tim Nordquist have done an exceptional work. Music composed by Danny Elfman is good and the song by Beyonce Knowles named “Rise Up” is just amazing.

20th Century Fox, Chris Wedge

Released on May 24th 2013, distributed by 20th Century Fox; “Epic” is a good family entertainment with but it lacks emotional touch. The thing called “New” is missing in this movie. This movie is rated 6.6 at Imbd.