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All About DOOM 4

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It has been a decade that the world is waiting for another doom; and now when the release of “The New Order” is fixed, the rumors about DOOM 4 have got a final end.

Developed by id Software, published world-wide by Activision in the year 2004, DOOM-3 is one of the most brutal survival horror games in the first-person shooter videogame history. Difficult in all aspects, Doom 3 possessed a very long storyline (even longer than Prince of Persia: Warrior Within) unlike the video games of today. Invisible threat, dark stages, horrifying background score, blood-soaking monsters and the bravery of Sergeant Thomas Kelly (Voiced by Neil Ross) are the unforgettable elements of the game.

doom 4 leaked images

(above image is leaked one from the beta gameplay of DOOM 4)

Not sure if it is a promotional stunt, but you will receive an access to Beta version of DOOM 4 on the pre-order of “Wolfenstein: The New Order”. But one thing for sure, yes; DOOM 4 is finally coming. Kotaku has revealed the stories behind the making of DOOM 4 in his article, thereby mentioning the launch of DOOM 4 by the end of this year. This time, “Bethesda Softworks” will publish this game. Doom 4 will utilize all new “id tech 5” engine and will be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox one.

10 years have been passed since the release of DOOM 3, it is certainly the most profitable game till date (selling about 3.5 million copies) for id software, and the franchise doesn’t want a flop show from its sequel at any cost.

making of DOOM 4


(this is the second leaked image of DOOM 4)


DOOM 3 was the most intense survival horror game; well that’s the major reason for the delay of its sequel. Previous game used a hell of complex technologies, including stencil shadowing, unified lighting and global illumination. The locations and the effects along with a long storyline to get ported in the modern gaming is a tough ask. If you have played the game, you can well understand those typical elements of game running parallel in Mars and the location of “Hell” and how they can be adjusted with the games of today.

The development of DOOM 4 has already seen many ups and down, and is still not leaked whether the upcoming installation of DOOM 3 is a prequel, sequel or reboot,  in these situations opting for “The New Order” isn’t a bad deal for a DOOM 3 fan.


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