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All About but DiCAPAC’s DSLR/SLR Pack

DiCAPAAC's DSLR/SLR cover, water-proof photography

Price: Rs. 3000/- or above (depending on size)

It comes with a lifetime warranty, not only waterproof but DiCAPAC’s DSLR/SLR pack is drop proof too. DSLR/SLR pack gives you opportunity to click photos even during heavy rain. The pack also offers protection from sand, snow and dust. Till now, we rarely do consider clicking pictures out in the rain due to reasons that are more or less obvious. But, DSLR/SLR gives an opportunity for a tension free photography. Now you’ll be able to do underwater photography with your DSLR.


Photography is a passion for a lot of us; DiCAPAC’s SLR/DSLR pack is perfect for those professionals who are worried about rains harming their precious camera. This DSLR/SLR Pack can withstand 16 feet submersion underwater.  To ensure that the image quality is not hampered a bit, DiCAPAC’s DSLR/SLR pack comes with a UV coated polycarbonate lens and allows for proper functioning of the camera buttons.  Now, all you need a good rain-coat to click a high quality rainy picture.

Where to buy?

Just search it in the below flipkart search bar!

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