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All About Call Of Duty WWII

COD WW2 World Wide reveal from BFI LONDON


The largest cinema screen in Britain i.e. BFI IMAX revealed the intentions of Call of Duty going back to its roots.
“Call Of Duty World War 2” world-wide reveal took place at London on April 26th 2017. The official world-wide reveal trailer of COD WW2 started with Normandy Invasion (commonly known as D-Day, which is one of the most deadly battles of World War 2 that took place in June 1944) with “Winston Churchill’s” most iconic speech of World War 2, in background. The entire event lasted for not more than 35 minutes, but it has given ample amount of information about the upcoming Call of Duty game for which the fans have been waiting for quite some time now.

So, here is the analysis and information that has been provided by Call of Duty franchise through this World-Wide reveal:
Plot: Well, the plot is the same of that World War 2 for which Call Of Duty is known for. But this time it is more of ‘personal connection’ to war, intense ‘bond of brotherhood’ and ‘human struggle’ in the Great War; as an attempt of making most versatile World War 2 campaign ever. As per the words by ERIC HIRSHBERG “No battle was too big, No detail was too small”, it pretty much signifies Activision’s intention to make most immersive World War 2 universe ever.
Locations: Michael Condrey and GLEN SCHOFIELD spoke about the various key places from World War 2 that they visited, thereby making us easier to identify the locations that will be present in the upcoming first person shooter.
1) Fort Macarthur (place which had a Harbor defence command post for US seacoast defence of ship building factories during World War 2
2) Hurtgen forest (Well, battle of Hurtgen Forest was the longest battle on German ground during world war 2
3) Vianden (well, the battle of Vianden was the most significant battles of Luxemberg resistance against Nazis during World War 2).
4) English channel
5) Normandy coast (D-Day: the battle where the average age of allied soldier was 22 years)
6) Northern France
7) Belgium
8) National Museum of Military History (Luxembourg)


call of duty world war 2 Normandy Invasion, M1 Grand, Deadliest weapon of World War 2

Multiplayer: Activision’s CEO ERIC HIRSHBERG revealed about upcoming “Private Multiplayer Beta” that they will be hosting later this year. Other important information which was disclosed during this reveal is:
a) Co-op mode: Call of Duty WW2 will have a co-op multiplayer mode
b) Boots on the ground play: It is going to be Allies Vs Axis again in the multiplayer mode. Mr. Michael Condrey has put some more light this combat system and told that their team has enhanced the team play experience in order to maintain the feel of World War 2 in the multiplayer mode as well.
c) “Divisions”: This is the new system introduced in this game which is a fundamental way to approach your Call Of Duty multiplayer career. More details will to unveil in E3.
d) Nazi Zombies


Weaponry: During the interview, Michael Condrey and GLEN SCHOFIELD took names of following weapons which will be present in the game along with other World War 2 weapons with extreme precision:
1) M1 Grand: First assault rifle for Allied forces and is significantly present in all the World War 2 games.
2) STG 44
3) MG 42: Fastest firing machine gun during World War 2 by Germens, with double the speed of American browning machine gun. It fires around 25 bullets per second making it impossible to hear individual shot. It is the only automatic weapon present in the game.
4) M1903
5) 45 calibre Grease gun


Characters: In most of the time of campaign, the gamers will take the role of Pvt Red Daniel who is a young recruit accompanied by Lieutenant Joseph Turner (Jeffery Pierce), Private 1st Class Robert Zussman (Jonathan Tucker) and Technical Sergeant William Pierson (Josh Duhamel ). Other characters whose names were taken are:

Jonathan Tucker as Private 1st Class Robert Zussman in Call of Duty World War 2
a) Major Crowley from SOE who was a UK Intel officer helped in Normandy Landings and then helped French resistance.
b) Roussel: A powerful female leader from French resistance during World War 2.


SledgeHammer Key Member (behind the scenes):
1) GLEN SCHOFIELD (Co-founder & studio head SledgeHammer Games)
2) Michael Condrey (Co-founder & studio head SledgeHammer Games)
3) Joe salud (Art director)
4) Dennis Adam (Development director)
5) David Swenson (Audio director)

World War 2 weapon expert: MARTYN K.A. MORGAN (World War 2 historian and author)


Top quotes of the World-Wide reveal of Call Of Duty WW2:

1) “No mission too difficult, no sacrifice too brave” (from reveal trailer of COD WW2)
2) “No battle was too big, No detail was too small” (ERIC HIRSHBERG: CEO Activision)
3) “You know I’ve been making games over 26 years and I tell you it’s the best game we ever made” (GLEN SCHOFIELD: Co-founder & studio head SledgeHammer Games)
4) “Emotionally dark, visually beautiful” (Joe Salud: Art director)
5) “Ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things” (MARTYN K.A. MORGAN: World War 2 historian & author)

Call of Duty: World War 2 is coming on 23rd November 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.