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All About Chennai Express

Rohit, SRK, King of Romance, Deepika

Yet another movie of King of Romance SRK; in which he is named as Rahul. Chennai Express is the story of a forty year old bachelor who wishes to feel the adventure at Goa after his grandpa’s death. But he boards a wrong train named “Chennai Express” and then onwards he never reached Goa. Directed by Rohit Shetty and Gauri Khan, “Chennai Express” is full family entertainment which features created and situational comedy as well.

Gauri Khan

Rahul had spent 40 years of his life under the guidance of his grandparents as his parents died in car accident when he was 8 years old. His grandfather never let him go beyond the sweets-shop they owned in Mumbai. Rahul’s life was boring until his grandfather died on his 100th birthday. Rahul had to go Rameshwarem to fulfill his grandfather’s last wish. Being emotionless, just to show his grandma that he is not going anywhere else than Rameshwarem he books a ticket in Chennai Express and planned to break his journey at Kalyana (nearby Mumbai) and continue his journey to Goa with his friends by road. But, who would’ve imagined that the real adventure of his life is not Goa but something other. At Kalyana, he helped Meena to board the train in the same manner “Rahul” helped “Simran” to board the train in Dil Waley Dulahaniya Le jaingey. Not only Meena, he helped four more Ox-like men in the same manner but did not managed to leave the train; and never after. Meena (Deepika Padukone) is the daughter of local Don who ran away from home as she doesn’t wanna get married. Those four Ox-like men are her cousin brothers who are forcibly taking her to marry Tangaballi (Nikitin Dheer) as per her father’s wish. Since Rahul is the only witness who saw her cousins throwing out the ticket invigilator from the running train, they are taking him also to the Village. Later at Village Meena told her father that she is in love with Rahul, as that was the only way to save his life. Rahul received a warm welcome from Meena’s family.

Chennai Express

The next night he managed to escape the village with the help of a Policeman from Punjab. But when he woke up, he found himself among the smugglers sailing at the international sea where Indian Police arrests him and bring him back to village. There he saw Meena getting married to Tangaballi against her will and all her cousins are looking forward to kill him. Well, then again he managed to escape, this time with Meena, leaving the entire village behind to search for them.

Rahul and Meena find a place to hide at a nearby village. There they did some rituals that only a couple would do in order to make sure that villagers don’t; doubt that they are not couples. It was the time when Meena fell in love with Rahul. Will Rahul fall in love with Meena? Till when they run away from brutal assassins of Meena’s father?? Will he able to fulfill his grandfather’s last wish? Well, that happens when you board a wrong train.

A wrong train leading Rahul to the right path. That’s what Chennai Express is all about. Movie starts off well, where you can’t resist laughing. Setting of the characters is also good. When seen from the perspective of North Indians, this movie is a lot funnier where people don’t understand Tamil. The situational comedy is carried out well; the punches are pretty much effective and very practical. “Ready Steady Po” and “Don’t underestimate the Power of a Common-Man” are the regular funny dialogues used in the movie. Setting of the song “Meherbaani Nhi Tumhara Pyaar Manga Hai, Tumhe Manzoor hai tabhi to Yaar Maanga Hai” at the later part of the movie gives the emotional touch to the movie which we expect in SRK movies.

Acting of Deepika as Meenamma is outstanding. She was patronized as a typical south-Indian girl who has her own difficulties to speak Hindi. Her hard work paid off, you’ll hardly able to find out downside in her acting.

However, the created comedy lingers in the middle of the movie, where you can notice the excessive useless dialogues by Shahrukh which bores well. Dons standing like a statue and listening to the stupidity of a common man, that’s pretty much impractical. Movie contains Rohit Shetty touch, which is watchable in the middle of the story, but wasn’t required at the end of the movie. Chennai express features a tough fight between Tangaballi and Rahul at the end. That fight ruined the charm of the movie; you won’t expect such intense fight when in entire movie helped you to laugh only. Just to make a comedy movie an action comedy movie? Or, just to try out a different ending as in the whole movie we didn’t find anything new? No, that’s not done. That’s actually which disappoint me.


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  1. Kre says:

    The movie was great except , what happened to his friends and his grandma they just completely threw them off the movie.Did he carry Meena back to Mumbai to see grandma it ended too abrupt i didnt like that and all the useless jibber jabber when he was drunk was a waste…

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