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All About Best of the Best Fighting Games Championship 2015



It came in late, but it came in time! The wait is finally over as NODWIN Gaming officially announced Best of the Best Fighting Games Championship to be held on 15th November 2015. The Best of the Best Fighting Games Championship to be held at NODWIN Gaming Head Office – Plot 119 – Sector 31 Gurgoan, Near Raheja Atlantis.

As per the announcement by Caster LordNod, here are the features of Best of the Best Fighting Games Championship:

    • This championship will features two fighting games that are:
      1. Namco Bandai’s Tekken Tag tournament 2
      2. Capcom’s Super Street Fighter 4 UE
    • All the games to be held on PlayStation 3.
    • Prize Pool of INR 50,000/- (out of which the champion of Tekken Tag 2 will get 20k; for more details on Prize distribution please visit )
  • Fix prizes for the top 8 contestants.
  • Free walk in registrations is available on the venue itself
  • Double Elimination and Game format will be race to 3 for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (i.e. 3 matches each of 3 rounds) and race to 2 for Street Fighter.


  • A 30 minutes session with Abhinav Tejan (the current national champion of Tekken Tag 2 and Mortal Kombat X) on how to improve your game.
  • Event will start at 11 AM and will go on till 9 PM
  • Paid food services will be available at the venue.
  • Live-stream will be available on NodWin YouTube Channel rtmp://


Caster LordNod has created the event at facebook   ; 924 peoples are invited and 56 people have shown up for the event till now.

For more details you can contact: +91 8283805919



NODWIN Gaming continues the tradition of highlighting fighting games genre as a main stream eSports activity. As we all are aware of the fact that India is somewhere lagging behind in video gaming sector, this event is likely to promote gaming in India and even improving  the gaming standards. As the entry is absolutely free in this championship, we can expect gamers from all the corners of India to participate in this event.

Tekken Vs Street Fighter


These two games of the same genre have been art rivals since decades. Capcom’s Street Fighter has always outrun Namco’s Tekken in terms of popularity and fan following. This championship is going to be held at new headquarters of NODWIN; It will be a pleasure to see that how many gamers register for Tekken and how many for Street Fighter in India. With Vinay Saini’s crew of Game On Arcade coming up for Tekken, it is likely that Tekken will outrun Street fighter this time.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Expectations:

With the precise knowledge of frame data along with exceptions, we have seen the noticeable improvement in the game of many Tekkeners. This championship is going to be crucial where we will witness neck to neck competition between top players of Tekken. With many gamers believe that the final of this championship is going to take place between Abhinav Tejan and Zafar, it is the great opportunity for Ashok, Raghav and VK to get a hike in national ranking.


It is also a great opportunity for Aishwary and even for Varanasi tekken champ Anku(who register his first win in his first ever national tournament of Tekken i.e. in UFT 2) to show some skills in this championship.


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  1. Finally some action. Great Post. Looking forward to be in this tournament and winning this tournament.

  2. vishal gurang says:

    when is next tournament is going to be held in india????

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