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All About Batman: Arkham Origins

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Price: Rs. 2885 for the PS3 version (48US$ approx.)

Rs. 1499 for the PC version

Had it been released on Christmas, the story might be different; for now, Arkham Origins fails to fulfill the expectations of DarkKnight fans. Developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, “Batman: Arkham Origins” received an average opening opposite to the expectations. However, Rated 7.8 by IGN, this prequel isn’t a total flop. The story-line, character of Joker, locations, amount of action, etc. are the main concern of the game that we will be discussing in this review.

Five years before the events of “Batman: Arkham Asylum”, the local don Black Mask have executed police commissioner Loeb and Batman is in combat with professional killer “Croc.”. Black-Mask (who is soon discovered as Joker) has put $50 million on Batman’s head. Batman discovers that eight most devastating assassins have entered the Gotham City to claim the money. And now the story of a hero behind the villains begins.

Glitches in Arkham Origins, Ordinary Batman

Directed by Eric Holmes, “Batman: Arkham Origins” features the establishment of various important characters in Gotham City as stated in early DC comics. It contains a bunch of characters starting right from recently promoted commissioner “James Gordon” then Bane, Copperhead and Penguin till Joker. It is the first encounter of Batman with Joker. Batman has no idea that Joker is a freak. Character of Joker is remarkably presented well; it will remind you of the most-unpredictable antagonist of the movie “The Darkknight”. He is damn practical! Game features the first encounter of Bane with Batman (which we missed in the previous installment “Batman: Arkham City”) in which Batman is outmatched. This game shows how Bane becomes a hulking beast. The storyline of “Batman: Arkham Origins” contains lots of turns and twists where you can notice that our hero risks his life to save villains. The game flows like a movie where interest is kept alive till the post-credits. However, the ending is not extra-ordinary as we would expect, but it is good. This is an independent game free from the storylines presented in the previous installments. Forget the memories of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy the game 100%.  


Though the graphics of the game is enhanced, the locations are not so attractive. The side-missions are somewhat made necessary to play this time which could be skipped (those of ringing phone missions and local prisoners harassed by criminals) in previous game to complete the campaign. Batman this time is equipped with various new gadgets such as Remote Claw, Shock Gloves and Concussion Detonator. Apart from all that, he does have the gadgets present in Btaman: Arkham City. You’ll enjoy the new fast travel system (although the navigation system will pose some problems) where Batman uses his plane “Batwing”. The costume and various upgrade features remains the same. Batman has been represented as “world’s greatest detective”. Now the question arises how come Batman is more powerful in this game when this is a prequel?? Well yes, this is a prequel for sure, but this is a different story, Warner Bros will host a new game series of batman from now on.

The online multiplayer mode is the worst part of the game. The “Invisible Predator Online” is a total disaster where only two out eight players can step into as heroes in any match.

Overall, this is great game when considered stand-alone, but whenever we talk about Batman the expectations are high, it should be something special, something extra-ordinary, and something admirable; somewhere down the line, this game isn’t special.

Attractive features of Batman: Arkham Origins at a glance:

1)    All new “Case File System”

2)    Character of Joker

3)    Voices of Roger Craig Smith and Brian Bloom as Batman and Joker.

4)    All new fast-travel system using “Batwing” for the first time in the Batman game series

5)    Loads of action where Batman faces Bane, Deathstroke and Copperhead.

6)     Remote Claw, Shock Gloves and other new gadgets.

7)    New costumes from Batman: The Animated Series.

8)    The soundtracks that keeps the game alive.



(Note: Released on 21st October, Batman: Arkham Origins is launched for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360)