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All About Audioengine A2

15W RMS, 22kHZ frequency response, 2.75" bass

Price: Rs. 13,799/-

Looks similar to a normal desktop, you’ll only realize the actual thing if you pick them up. Audioengine A2 is a masterpiece. With a frequency response of 65Hz-22 kHz, Audioengine A2 is a blaster. The only problem you’ll face is in setting them up. Setting them up is more complex than with regular desktop speakers as you have to actually screw in the bundled speaker cables.

Audioengine A2 delivers an exceptional sound quality and the tonal range of almost all the vocals is accurately represented. The 2.75” bass drivers are made from a mixture of Kevlar and glass fibres, mounted on a rubber diaphragm. That tiny little slit at the bottom performs two tasks; bass port and a fan. Power output of Audioengine A2 is 15W RMS.

However, Audioengine A2 isn’t perfect; a slight distortion comes in at about 50Hz and 200Hz and a hint of muddiness in the minds at higher volumes.


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