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All About Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation

Ubisoft, AnvilNext, In the service of humanity

Price: US $40.7 global price


Liberation casts “Aveline de Grandpre”; daughter of rich father “Phillippe Olivier de Grandpre” and slave mother “Jeane”. In the year 1765, when American Revolution was about to begin, Spanish forces tries to capture Louisiana in the south, their task could be much easier if “Aveline” (a brutal assassin who has exceptional stealth and theft ability) didn’t stood right in front to resist them. Story then shifts to New Orleans where Aveline has the responsibility to protect her fellow citizens. Agate, a former African slave and the mentor of Aveline plays an important role in the story; rest all is Avelin’s bravery.

Aveline, Ubisoft, AnvilNext Engine, Stealth

This third-person action-adventure video game takes stealth to new standards. At the beginning you might find those tasks of theft irritating, but later as the game proceeds you’ll find it easier and interesting to perform those typical/impossible thefts. This is a different game in all aspects and “Aveline” should not be compared to Tomb Raider’s “Lara Croft”

Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation was released parallel with ASSASSIN’S Creed 3 on 12th October 2012 exclusively for PlayStation Vita. Rated 7.2 by IGN, “Liberation” features turns and twists in the story which you would never expect in an epic game. Published by Ubisoft, “Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation”, features some good sounds tracks, among which “Liberation Main Theme”, “Safe Harbor”, “In the Service of Humanity” and “Animus” are exceptional. This installation of Assassin’s creed offers a multi-player mode and is available in form of PlayStation Vita card. Liberation runs on AnvilNext engine similar to Assassin’s Creed third and offers similar graphics with some entirely new locations.

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