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All About Tekken Tag 2: We are Tekken

Tekken Tag 2 Official Tags, JACK 6 and Bryan Fury; Ultimate Fighting Tournament at Game on Arcade

Namco Bandai presents Tekken Tag Tournament 2: We are Tekken edition. Made in Japan, this fighting game tests your combat skills. Launched exclusively for Arcade, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, promise the best graphics ever in any Tekken edition with the longest character line-up. “We are Tekken” edition is the update of previously released Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in which each player is allowed to select two characters, which means a total of four characters playing together in an arcade battle. Game also features 1 vs 1 mode, Time attack mode, Survival, Team Battle mode in addition to it Wii U edition features a Mushroom Battle mode. Story line features the curse of Mishima family with other characters having their own reason to enter the tournament. Game supports multi-player feature.

There is a lot of things to explore in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. You can launch your opponent from anywhere, some characters have safe launchers, some have punishable launchers, some have counter launchers, while others do not. Launch and punishment are the two core components of the game.

Presence of a hell lot of characters in the game compels you to spend long hours with the game. The characters that makes official Tag are in comparison easier to master, while you need skills to make a tag of your favorite characters and take out best from them.

Most popular official Tags of the game are:

1) Jack 6 and Bryan fury

2) Paul Phoenix and Forest Law

3) Steve Fox and Craig Marduk

4) King & Armor King

5) Baek Doo San and Hwoarang

6) Ganryu and Julia Chang

7) Ling Xiaoyu and Alisa Bosconovitch

8) Marshal Law and Forest Law

9) Lei wulong and Feng Wei


Official Tag have been decided on the basis of stories of characters that which has been showcased in several versions of Tekken and the movie named “Tekken Blood Vengeance”





Special features of We are Tekken:

1)      Total of 41 playable characters

2)      Panda getting her own character slot

3)      High level of Character Customization

4)      Extended combos of players

5)      Multi- tier stages

6)      All new Havok engine