Proving Grounds SFV and Tekken 7 tournament in India 2018

SteelSeries APEX M500 keyboard Review

SteelSeries APEX M500 Complete Review

I am writing this review after using this keyboard for nearly 10 months. Steelseries APEX M500 is a beautiful mechanical gaming keyboard. APEX 500 is packed with original Cherry-MX red switches Steelseries Apex M500 has a unique touch and feel. SteelSeries has done a remarkable job in making the Key-caps for this keyboard. The Key-caps are soft and each key-press gives a feeling of contentment. I’ve been using this keyboard for playing fighting games like Tekken 7 which requires frequent key presses. I’ve played fps games like DOOM 2016, DOOMRead More

Subject 2923 Review | Remnant from the Ashes

Remnant from the ashes DLC in the year 2020

‘Subject 2923’ is the recent DLC for ‘Remnant from the Ashes’ which is the direct sequel to the campaign of the main title. In this DLC players get the chance to discover the origins of ‘The Dreamers’ and to fight the ultimate problem ‘ROOT’ in the end. ‘Subject 2923’ is subject to new frozen map where most of the creatures are modified rodents. The map design is pretty decent and it keeps the feel of the main title. My favorite boss in the campaign is ‘Brudvaak, The Rider’; however, theRead More

Best Alternatives for Banned Chinese Apps

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology summoned its power under section 69A of the Information Technology Act to put a ban on 59 Chinese apps. Earlier this month Indian Intelligence agencies have issued an advisory and warned the Indian Army and paramilitary against the usage of Chinese apps. It listed almost 42 Chinese apps and stated it could be harmful to national security due to possible links to Chinese hackers. List of apps banned by India: On Facebook, recently a video was uploaded where a Jawaan is requesting theRead More

Most Hilarious Comments on DOOM Eternal OST

If you are a Doom Fan and a music enthusiast, by now you must be aware of the controversies regarding the DOOM Eternal OST. To put an end to the discussion regarding the release of DOOM Eternal Soundtrack, ‘Executive Producer: Id Software’ had published ‘DOOM Eternal OST Open Letter’ on reddit which can be read here. Now, without indulging into the details of the controversy, I bring you the top 5 hilarious comments on “The Only Thing They Fear Is You (DOOM Eternal OST)” composed by Mick Gordon I didn’tRead More

Top 5 Gadgets To buy post Lockdown

List of gadgets to be purchased after lockdown

When we thought what new this 2020 will bring for us, new phone, new laptop, new job, new trips, new friends, new dresses, bla bla bla…Well! Don’t know how many new things we could actually manage to get this year. We are only waiting when things will get back to normal. For some of us, this lockdown is a way to find ourselves, flourishing our creativity, healing mind and soul, spending quality time with loved ones and many more but is it the same for the businesses? Many businesses areRead More