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All About Sony VAIO Flip 11A

Pentium N3520, Sony's last laptop, Convertible tablet

Price: Rs. 50,000/- ($799 approx.)

Sony Vaio devices are known for their build and excellent look. The Flip 11A is yet another glory from Sony Vaio and a solid answer to Lenovo Yoga 2. Well this convertible device that can be easily used as a laptop, tablet and as a PC as well. Vaio Flip 11A features a 11inch 1080p IPS display which has a great response; it does not catch the finger marks quickly. Display quality is fabulous at almost all the legal angles.

Flip 11A features an N-Trig digitizer and a pressure-sensitive pen; it also has NFS support and HDMI out. This convertible laptop is somewhere near ASUS Transformer Book T100 and even appears more expensive than that; but one thing to mention, the multi-tasking support and overall response (mainly touch response) of 11A is much better than T100 and slightly better than Lenovo Yoga 2 as well.

Sony Vaio Flip 11A is equipped with Intel® Pentium N3250 @ 2.16GHZ with Windows 8.1. This combo of Windows and Intel processor offers a good limit of multi-tasking where u can easily play songs and videos while working on internet (connected via WiFi) through Google Chrome thereby opening 10 tabs simultaneously. However, opening more tabs in the chrome browser creates problem. Flip 11A is available in three attractive color; namely black, pink and grey. Other specifications of this convertible device includes 4GB DDR3 RAM, 128SSD and it also comes with a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements 12. Flip 11A does have other version which comes with 4th gen Core i7 processor but at much higher price.

However, we strongly recommend Lenovo Yoga 2 in this range if you can sacrifice a bit in display quality (that only comes to notice if place both of them together). Lenovo Yoga 2 has Intel’s Haswell chip (the 4th gen core i3 processor) which provides a much more multi-tasking option. Apart from that Lenovo Yoga 2 is a good gamer as well.

Released on February this year, this Laptop has over-heating issues as well. Sony has advised to discontinue the use of Flip 11A of the serial number SVF11N13CXS. Other models of FLIP 11A are safe.

Pentium N3520 VS i3-4010U

Last thing that bothers is the trust. Sony will not be the direct owner of the Laptops; as Sony has announced that it is going to sell the Personal Computer business to a new company from Japan Industrial Partners. That in turn makes the Yoga 2 the best option in this range.

Specifications of Sony Vaio Flip 11A at a glance:

1)    4 GB DDR3 RAM

2)    with Intel® Pentium N3250 @ 2.16GHZ processor

3)    Windows 8.1 64-bit

4)    128GB SSD


5)    11inch 1080p IPS display