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Ultimate Fighting Tournament #3 2015 news

Game On Arcade has been organizing “Ultimate Fighting Tournament” or “UFT” for quite some time now. After the success of UFT-2, the announcement of UFT-3 was very obvious. Mr. Vinay Saini, the owner of Game On Arcade-New Delhi India, has confirmed that there will be “Ultimate Fighting Tournament-3” featuring “Tekken Tag Tournament 2” in the last week of October 2015. When asked, how the UFT-3 will be different from UFT-2, Mr. Vinay Saini stated that UFT-3 will feature fixed prizes for top 8 players of the tournament (which was restricted to top 2 players, winner and the runner up, in the previous UFT).

More than 200 players from all over the world are expected to participate in this event. Where Abhinav Tejan is most likely to win yet another UFT, Zafar, Simran and Ankit Solanki are also looking in good rhythm.


{Vinay Saini #OwnerGameOnArcade (left) with defending champion Abhinav Tejan (Right)}


Ultimate Fighting Tournament is going to be crucial this time where you might see tekkeners switching from their regular pair to new set of characters. After being knocked out by Zafar in the previous UFT, VK stated that one must master with at least 3 pairs to become the ultimate champ; even Mr. Vinay Saini supported his views. This fact is pretty obvious, as different characters have got their own advantages and disadvantages on every other character. Change of pair worked well for Syed in the previous UFT to reach the finals by switching to the pair of Hworang and Baek, when he was lagging 2-1 against Zafar in the most exciting semi-final of UFT. So you can expect the top players of India come up with new pairs of characters with entirely new set-ups.

Game On Arcade is the mecca for all the Tekken Players in India. Tekken players from all over the country come here to learn and play Tekken. The winner of UFT probably gets qualified for the Tekken events held all across the globe.

Full Schedule including important dates and price money will be uploaded soon.

Will it be last UFT featuring Tekken Tag tournament 2?? The answer to this question is probably no, as the released date of Tekken 7 is yet to be announced for PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4 versions.

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