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All About Toyota FT-1 Concept

Function-Sculpting, GT6

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A PlayStation 3 exclusive, Gran Turismo 6 (abbreviated as GT6) is basically a racing video game released on December 6 2013. GT6 is the twelfth game of the very popular Gran Turismo video game series developed by “Polyphony Digital”. GT6 featured some exceptional sports car concepts, one of which is going to be manufactured in real-world. It’s not every day that you see a real-world version of a sports car featured inside a video game.

Toyota High Speed Car, Hybrid Supra

Grand Turismo 6 gave birth to Toyota FT-1, and if trust what Unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show 2014, the FT-1 concept is the most audacious car Toyota has ever made. It’s like a reward for Calty Design Research team who designed this car in the game environment for Sony’s GT6. Quickly getting into the specifications of FT-1 concept, Toyota has focused to improve airflow management and increase down-force; for that reason FT-1 inlets and vents all over.

Japanese car makers have always been different in design, the interior of FT-1 concept looks very much inspired from F1 car where the steering-wheel is very functional and has a small configurable display that let’s driver know about what’s more important. A wraparound windshield improves the cockpit design. Is it the next Toyota Supra?? Well, the stealthy spoiler appeals so. Apart from the curvaceous design, the Toyota FT-1 concept’s rear spoiler is morphed to its body and retractable. Toyota also says that the FT-1 is slated to have a front-engine and rear-wheel drive layout.

high downforce

The FT-1 Concept’s cockpit is all futuristic HUD and steering mounted display. FT-1 is short for “Future Toyota 1”. Toyota is not in a mood to miss out any design feature what represented in Gran Turismo 6; those who have played the game know well about its handling and speed. A score of 8.0 at IGN and 9.0 by Eurogamer tells about the success story of GT6 and FT-1 is somewhat like BMW M3GTR of Need For Speed: Most Wanted; will FT-1 able to repeat the success story of GT6, that will be known in the first quarter of 2015, but Toyota is surely going to make life difficult to other sports car makers present today.