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Top 10 action games for Android and iOS

List of outstanding android games. Best iOs game ever

Top 10 action games of all times for Android and iOS

10) Shadowgun



           Shadowgun is basically a science-fiction third-person shooter. Game includes a lengthy campaign with intuitive controls. This is undisputed best third-person shooter action game on mobile platform; but the only thing pulling behind is that you have to play this game on an Nvidia Tegra 3 base device (such as XOLO T1000) where you get additional effects such as rag doll physics, particle effects, enhanced shaders and water; on other devices you’ll get ordinary experience.

                    Price: Rs. 278/-

9) Overkill

On number 9, we have Overkill. AK-47, MP7 and even sniper rifles, all getting reloaded just by simply shaking your device. Overkill is first-person shooter action packed android game with pretty decent graphics. Overkill does include a multi-player as well as survival mode along with campaign. This game does all the attractive features of PC games such as throwing flashbags and even calling an airstrike.

Price: Free

8) The Walking Dead: The Game

          Based on the comic book series, “The Waling Dead: The Game” is a survivor horror game placed on 8th position in our list. This action game is the direct adaptation of the desktop and console versions and maintains the same episode format. This game is very popular among PC gamers and the android version of it is equally exciting.

Price: Free

7) Dead Trigger

Best mobile zombie game, Zombie game for android and iOS

          On number 7 we have a quintessential zombie shooter game “Dead Trigger”. The action this game features is as bloody as you can expect and you get tons of weapons, including a chainsaw, to either accurately or slowly kill your unhead friends.

Price: Free

6) Dead Space


This Electronic Arts publication isn’t unknown. Well, this is not a direct adaptation of the console version; but it is actually a new game with a new story based vaguely on the events of the other games. The necromorphs are back and as lethal as ever. The campaign is lengthy and very enjoyable due to intuitive control system. Dead Space is ranked 6th in our list.

Price: Rs. 390/-

5) Max Payne Mobile

Max payne mobile game

           Max Payne has been a very popular PC game in the past decade. The mobile version of it is exceptional as well. On the mobile, this third-person shooter will delight first-timers and thrill existing fans. The game has tons of action with attractive story-line and is the first one to feature the Matrix-inspired “Bullet Time” feature. We have placed Max Payne Mobile at number 5.

Price: Rs 170/-

4) GTA Vice City

          The most iconic games of all time; Grand Theft Auto City is placed at number 4 in our list. Thanks to Rockstar that brought this game to mobile. This is the best suited game for Google Nexus 7. GTA Vice City take all the goods from GTA III and justified it’s android version You will never get a better open-world mobile-game than Vice City.

Price: Rs. 270/-

3) Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

best mobile action game of all time

On number 3, we have the mobile version of first-person shooter video game “Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour”. The COD and Battlefield fans placed this game on number 1. The best part of this game are its unique visuals and the amount of action packed in it.

Price: Rs. 55/-

2) N.O.V.A. 3

The number 2 position was very difficult to decide; and finally it was Gameloft’s “Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance 3 (N.O.V.A. 3)”. NOVA 3 provides you a solid first-person shooting experience that will keep you hooked for hours. This game features epic story-line with 6-multiplayer modes. Graphics of this game is exceptional!

Price: Rs. 390/-

1)   Wild Blood

Best third person shooter game on mobile, best android and iOs third person shooter

Based on the new Unreal Engine 3, the third-person action-adventure game named “Wild Blood” is on top of our list. This game follows the story of Sir Lancelot as he attempts to rescue Queen Guinevere from King Arthur and the sorceress Morgana Le Fey. This game reminds us of the legendary PlayStation exclusive game “God Of War”. Apart from lengthy campaign mode, this game does include a muli-player mode. Wild Blood requires 2GB of free space to install.

Price: Rs. 390/-

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  1. James Hilton says:

    I think you just shares the whole best list of Android Games. Max payne is my all time favorite game Thanks for sharing 🙂 . I will definitely try some of the games.

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