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Top 10 Video Game series of all time




This list is purely based on online/offline surveys by our expert team of gamers. So here are the Top 10 most popular video Game Series of all time, irrespective of platforms and genre.

10) Tekken and Street Fighter

Position 10 is held by two fighting games collectively. Where Capcom’s Street Fighter has the largest number of fan following than any other fighting game, on the other hand Namco’s Tekken series is the most realistic fighting game series ever developed. Both games are dense and contain a lot to explore. Both the games stood parallel to each other in past two decades, and the popularity is such that Capcom in collaboration with Namco developed a cross over fighting game named “Street fighter X Tekken”. The game contained characters from both the Street Fighter franchise and Tekken series, held in a 2D environment. Another cross over game named “Tekken X Street Fighter” is under development.

Latest Part:

Tekken series: Tekken 7

Street Fighter Series: Ultra Street Fighter IV

9) Max Payne

Deciding game series number 9 was very difficult. Finally we picked Remedy Entertainment’s “Max Payne’ from Splinter Cell, Hitman and Far Cry series for position 9. This game features the story of a tragic hero; a renegade DEA agent and a former NYPD officer named Max Payne whose wife and child got murdered. Interesting fact this that, the first chapter of this series was also release for a rare platform named “Game Boy advance” apart from those regular platforms like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, iOS and Xbox.

Latest Installation: Max Payne 3

8) Prince of Persia


On number 8 we have Jordan Mechner’s  Prince of Persia series. One of the most amazing action-adventure series of all time, with the first release in the year 1989, the “Prince of Persia” franchise lies amongst the oldest video game franchise in the world. This video game series is mostly praised for its story and locations. “Two Thrones” being the most popular installation of the series, the movie based on “Sands of time” named “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” starring Jake Gyllenhaal has got the box office collection of 336 million $.

Latest Installation: Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands

7) Counter Strike

Position 7 is occupied by Valve Corporation’s “Counter Strike’. There is nothing new that I could tell about this game series. The “Counter Strike’ series is one of the world’s most played online/LAN first-person shooter series. In India, “Counter Strike: Condition Zero”  is still the first choice of engineering students, where you may notice a tournament featuring condition zero almost every month.

Latest Installation: Counter Strike: Global Offensive


FIFA holds the 6th position in our list. Developed by EA Sports, FIFA is an outstanding football video game series. Where each part of the series is very skillful, FIFA  games are released for more than 32 platforms till date.

Latest Installation: FIFA 19

5) God Of War

You may not know how many Sons did Zeus actually have, but after playing this game you’ll surely figure out that Kratos is the most brutal son of Zues. On number 5, we have PlayStation exclusive, Santa Monica Studio’s video game series known as God Of War. Kratos being protagonist of this game, is considered as most powerful video games character. None of the chapters of this video game series are ever released for any other platform than Sony’s PlayStation, so these links will be very helpful for all the PC gamers to learn how to play each part of this game series on your Windows PC.

Play PlayStation Portable games on PC

Latest Part: God Of War III: Remastered

4) Batman Arkham Series


Bob Kane has never even dreamt that his creation will be remembered by generations to come. This was the easiest decision to place Batman Arkham series at number 4. Based on DC Comic character Batman, developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros Entertainment, the Batman Arkham Series is a fabulous third-person/action-adventure/stealth video game series. Fact: Batman is the most searched superhero world-wide.

Latest Installation: Batman Arkham Knight

3) Need For Speed series

When it comes to car racing, there can’t be anything better than Need For Speed. Position 3 is strongly held by EA sports Need For Speed Series. Although, games like Split/Second: Velocity, Grid 2 and Blur created a great impact on gamers, but none of them were able to beat the popularity of NFS. NFS: Most Wanted is the most popular game of the series and is still played on LAN all across the world.

Latest Installation: Need For Speed: HEAT

2) Grand Theft Auto

Popularity of this game is known to every gamer and anyone could imagine how many games scores 10 at IGN. On number 2 we have world’s best open world game series known as GTA  (Grand Theft Auto). Created by David Jones, GTA series comes under the genre of action-adventure, racing and third-person shooter where gamers can do anything; anything means everything.

Latest Installation: Grand Theft Auto V (Microsoft Windows version)

  1. Call Of Duty


One of the world’s most popular first-person shooter video game is Activision’s Call of Duty series, which hits number 1 mark in our list. The Call Of Duty franchise is believed to be the richest video game franchise in the world. Call Of Duty games has always been a step ahead from any other first-person shooter video games with each game breaking the record of its predecessors.

Latest Installation: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Black OPS 3 is also coming soon!!!

2 Comments to Top 10 Video Game series of all time

  1. Eve Hunt says:

    I used to dislike fighting games…then Mortal Kombat 11 came out and my friend forced me to get it…and eventually I got hooked on it due to how hard it was to pull combos and how good it felt when I actually pulled it off in a match lol

  2. Hans says:

    Hope you tried Tekken 7?

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