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Top 10 Maps to Play in Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory

Venice the best map of enemy territory, Splash damage update, bast map of quake wars,


Being an open-source game is like a gift for Wolfenstien: Enemy Territorylovers . There are more than 200 unique maps designed for this game, with each map has its own specialty to entertain gamers. Here we bring you the top 10 maps to play in Woflenstien: Enemy Territory where each map supports 32 players (16 players each side) in a single battle. This list is decided on the basis of objectives, competition, design and the weightage offered to each character in a map.

1)      Venice or Venice Final:  

Memories of World War 2, best of Wolfenstiien enemy territory



This map has got everything right about it. Right from escorting tank to the church, stealing the Relic from the library and escaping with the Relic using the boat in the canal; everything is placed right in this map. “Venice” gives fair chance to each character (no matter you are a soldier, field ops, cover ops, medic or engineer) of the game to play an important role in the mission. This is one of the most competitive maps in the game, in which either team (Axis or Allies) has only got 50% chances to win. This map is not suitable to play with less than 6 players each side.


2)      Goldrush

axis supportive map in enemy territory

On number two we have Goldrush. This is one of the oldest maps present in the game and played extensively in various servers. Gamers do complain that Axis team is at advantage in this map, and this fact cannot be denied. But one more fact is that, Goldrush is the best map to play with 8 players each side; increasing number of players on either side will surely make it difficult for Allies team to win the battle. Furthermore, field ops, covert ops and engineers play an important role in this map.


3)      Bremen

best map of wolfenstien


Next is Bremen. This map takes you right back into the World War II where Brtish Royal Air Force with US Eighth Air Force attacked the city of Bremen. This is a competitive map where each side (Axis & Allies) has equal chances to win.


4)      Pirates Final

On number four we have Pirates Final. This map is simply awesome; each character has got a role to play, and presence of numerous paths for single destination adds the beauty to this map.


5)      Adlernest

no mortar in aldernest

Next map to follow is Adlernest. This map gives a chance to each team to be strategic, where Axis team is again on the defending side. Firing a mortar or calling an air-strike is of no use in this map. Presence of multiple paths to single objective makes the battle interesting in this map.


6)      1944 Beach

Position of number six is occupied by “1944 Beach”. This is one of the biggest (on account of area covered) maps designed for this game. Similar to Adlernest, this map hasn’t got any tank or truck to escort; but still this map has got many ingredients to entertain the gamers. This map is not suitable to play with less than 6 players each side.

7)      Caen

nazi invasion on caen

This map reminds of the bloodiest “Battle of Caen” during the World War 2, where the population of the Caen city was reduced to 17000 from 60,000 after the city was finally liberated on 18th July 1944. There are very few maps in which Allies are on defending side and Caen is certainly best of it.




8)      Special Delivery     

On number eight we have Special Delivery. Unlike every other map, this map has limited paths for a single destination. Field ops have a major role to play for each side in the map. Chance of winning for each team is again 50-50.

9)      Warbell

 HITLER'S WARBELL, allies on defense, warbell GOD

Deciding the map for 9th position was very difficult. We were confused among “Seawall Battery”, “Streets of Italy”, “Teuthonia” and “Subway”. Finally, “Warbell” was selected for this position on account of the unique objective offered by this map. This is one of the most attractive maps developed for the game.


10)  Troop Train/ET Beach Invasion


Position of number 10 is shared by Troop Train and ET Beach Invasion.

ET Beach Invasion is ported from legendary Wolfenstien: “Return to Castle”, while Troop Train is comparatively a new map.

Troop Train is complete fun where the action takes place on a moving train and “Air Strike” isn’t available.

Beach Invasion is pure strategic where those bunkers are of no use for the Axis, which in turn makes the battle more competitive.



Note: Not all the above mentioned maps are available on the servers. We will be uploading the list of top 10 servers to play Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory, very soon.

Other maps to consider (on account of popularity):

a)      Siwa Oasis

b)      V2 base

c)      Fuel Dump

d)      Snatch

e)      Reactor

f)       Resurrection

g)      Wurzburg Radar

h)      Snatch

i)        School

j)        Pure Frag

k)     Pipeline Refinery

l)        Braudarf

m)    Castle Attack


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