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All About Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Splinter Cell



Price: US$ 59.99 for all the three versions.

Released on 20th August 2013, Tom Clancy’s “Splinter Cell: Blacklist” received a grand opening.  Game turned out to be a versatile combination of stealth and action. The character of “Sam Fisher” is strong enough to keep you engage in the game, whereas supporting characters, namely Anna Grimsdottir and resident hacker Charlie Cole has an equal important role in the game.

Game begins with a tense situation where Andersen AFB in Guam is under attack from an unknown army (later discovered as “The Engineers”) which at last destroys the entire base. Sam with his old friend Victor Coste manages to escape with the help of resident hacker “Charlie Cole”. The destroyers announced that they will make such attacks until U.S. government calls back all the American troops deployed abroad. The Third Echelon is corrupt; it’s the time for the initiation of Fourth Echelon. United States President “Patricia Caldwell” gives the command of Fourth Echelon into the hands of Sam Fisher to take care of “The Engineers”.

killing in motion

Main gameplay begins from capturing Andriy Kobin from a CIA safe house situated in Benghazi. Sam with his team now starts getting the clues of the serious-serial attacks by “The Blacklist” in various parts of the country. Fourth Echelon manages to neutralize most of the attacks; but their major success arrives when they discover that “Majid Sadiq” is behind all those threats. Sam has no clue of Sadiq’s last attack. On the other hand, Sadiq kidnaps the “Secretary of Defense; United States”. Sadiq has access of all the secret of US armed forces, the life of the Secretary of Defense is itself at stake, if Sadiq is killed, total of twelve countries will rise against US. How Sam manages to save both of them, well that’s the main attraction of the game. The ending itself consist of many turns and twists, where truth is revealed in the post-credits.

Sixth installation of the Splinter Cell series, “Blacklist” contains most of the features from its predecessor “Splinter Cell: Conviction”. However, this isn’t the story of Sam Fisher; this is all about nation’s pride. Critics say that Sam’s presence isn’t commanding as in the previous installment, due to the replacement of actor Michael Ironside. But the voice of Eric Johnson is great as well. This games takes you in the world of its own; the dialogues by Sam such as “Your methods won’t always be pretty; what’s important that you get the job done” are just awesome. Missions that are carried in darkness are more exciting. New in Blacklist, is the introduction of “killing in motion” where you can take out the antagonists in quick succession while you are running. The Kinetic peripheral, this time with voice integration in the Xbox 360, where you can distract the enemies.


resident hacker Charlie Cole

Developed and published by Ubisoft, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist, is released for Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Wii U. Overall and exciting game with a great story which is played in a 3rd person perspective where the camera adjustment is carries out well. Game has been rated 9.2 by IGN and 8.0 by GameSpot. Two drawbacks of this game you can notice well. Character other than Sam have an ugly look, their hairs are not designed well; secondly the Multiplayer mode that has “Spies vs Mercs” competitive mode isn’t much impressive. Other than these two, this is a cash-back game which Splinter Cell fans will enjoy a lot.

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