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All About Thunderbolt 2

Intel thunderbolt2, thunderlightning, fastest usb transfer



Thunderbolt2 technology came into existence when apple launched its latest version of Apple Macbook Pro 15. Thunderbolt is a dual-protocol I/O device which provides support for optical connections and further tends to connect to the high speed networks. This technology is discovered in corporation of Intel and Apple. Apple was the first manufacturer to invent this technology in Mac Book Pro. Currently latest generation of Retina Mac Book Pro includes the thunderbolt2 technology. ASUS motherboard is the first thunderbolt product in the consumer market. This technology receives 10Gbps bi-directional channel and converts them into single 20Gbps bi-directional channel. Thunderbolt2 is capable to support six peripherals as well as it supports USB and firm wire with the help of adapters. This technology supports same connectors as original thunderbolt supports and therefore thunderbolt2 is perfectly compatible with thunderbolt peripherals.

20GBPS data transfer through thunderbolt, fastest I/O


But one thing we need to understand is that the thunderbolt device or peripheral connected to thunderbolt 2 ports will work on the speed of original thunderbolt i.e. 10Gbps. An important thing to notice about thunderbolt device is that if it is removed from the taskbar tool then it will not be recognized until we restart the computer. Thunderbolt cables can be used to create link between Mac computers at 10Gbps speed. Generally cable length of 3meters (copper) and 100meters (optical- 80% lighter in weight as compared to copper cable) is used to create a link between computers. Some of the main features of thunderbolt2 are: it can transfer an HD movie within 30seconds, it helps us to create back up of all our movies, photos, TV shows and music at fast speed, it is capable to capture and edit multiple uncompressed video streams in real time and it supports 60% faster file transfers. This technology is the fastest connection to our PC.


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