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All About Thief 4

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“Live in the shadows”, that’s what “Thief” is all about. Released on February 25th, 2014 in North America, on 27th and 28th of the same month in Australia and Europe, the “Thief” is a wonderful stealth game which offers you a challenging mission that put your thieving skills to test. This is a story of a Master Thief named “Garret” (of whom gamers take control of) who intend to steal from rich and helps poor in the city ravaged by a plague known as “The Gloom”.

Plot is set after hundreds of years of the event of original thief series. When Garret returns to his hometown, the powers have shifted, the city is under ruin by a tyrant “Baron”. “The Gloom” which is of unknown origin has plagued the city. Back to his hideout, Master thief (or Garrett) is hired by the Basso for the first job. The actual story begins when Garret meets the leader of resistance against “Baron”, named Orion. They work together to save city from the Gloom. But it wasn’t simple. How Garrett manages to save the city from Gloom and Baron, the mystery of Primal stone, return of Erin and the suspense in the end are the real attraction of Thief’s story-line.

The story of “Thief” is packed with a lot of supernatural elements. Though the story-line of this game is linear, it does lack a perfect ending. For the average gamers who enjoyed the story-line of games like Dishonored and Hitman Absolution over Hollywood movies, “Thief” is yet another game for them.

Talking about amount of stealth, yes, this game has a lot of it. Pickpocketing, breaking safes and hiding out from the brutal guards are the areas of attraction. Hiding out in darkness is what you will enjoy more than anything in this video game. However, hiding out in darkness has some technical issues in this game; noticeably falling apart when Garrett is spotted. “Focus” mode is yet another attraction of this game which enhances your vision in order to find the correct path (by highlighting various things present around you say for example highlighting a candle that can be put off to increase darkness or pipes that can be climbed). Knocking down the guards unconscious with the use of blackjack, throwing something to distract a person, a claw that can be used to grapple are various abilities of Garrett. You’ll also like the Garrett’s new sprinting mechanics.

Thief offers a choice-driven gameplay where players have a number of possible paths and approaches in a given level. In the beginning, the game offers an open-world feel where you are free to steal from anyone. But in the later part of the game you’ll find that open-world feel is just an illusion. For the veterans of Dishonored, Hitman or Assassin’s Creed, “Thief” is a simpler task to complete in comparison. Availability of food and money (mostly in form of coins) at random positions in large amounts and the helpful AI makes the tasks simpler for Garrett even in the increased difficulty level spoils the charm of the game.

The background music of the game is fantastic, it does give a great feel, but the voice of the new voice actor “Romano Orzari” turns it off.

The graphics of the games are just incredible. Thanks to Modified Unreal Engine 3 which made it so appealing. Apart from poorly designed layout of the city, the Cathedral, the library, Asylum, weapons, carts, darkness and the characters are designed well. The PlayStation 4 graphics for this game is just out of the world. Overall, “Thief” is a great reboot which is really enjoyable, however when compared to the top-rated stealth video games present today, it falls somewhere behind. 

Directed by Nicolas FCantin and published by “Square Enix”, “Thief” is released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

(Sketch by a fan named “Imran Khan”)

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Minimum System Requirement for PC:

1) 2GB of DDR3 RAM

2) Intel Core i3 3rd gen processor clocked at 2.40 GHz or higher

3) 1GB of Nvidia GeZforce with Cuda or Optimus or 1Gb Radeon graphics

4) Keyboard and Mouse

5) Latest DirectX