Proving Grounds SFV and Tekken 7 tournament in India 2018

ALL About TFOL 2018

Tekken7 Indian League 2018

After the success of first ever Tekken-Crash tournament in India, TekkenFreaks community has come up with an idea of Tekken Freaks Online League (TFOL). Tekken-Freaks is to host total of 7 (seven) Tekken7 tournaments online where players from all across the country will fight to secure their place in Grand Finale, which is going to be held in November 2018. TFOL will follow the pattern of Tekken World Tour. TFOL is an initiative by TekkenFreaks to grow Tekken Community in India in order to bring Tekken World Tour to India.

Here are the key information about TFOL (Tekken Freaks Online League) as revealed by founder members of TekkenFreaks Mr. Shubkaran Rattan & Prajwal Suryawanshi:

  • TekkenFreaks will host total of 7 Tekken7 tournaments (including grand Finale) under TFOL, exclusively on steam.
  • Top 8 players will be eligible to participate in the grand finale.
  • Top 8 Tekken Players will be decided on the basis of new rating system. (Explained later in the post).
  • TekkenFreaks will maintain new Tekken-India rankings named as “TekkenFreaks Tekken India Ranking”.
  • The new ranking will be given on the basis of performance in TFOL and other major offline/online tournaments taking place in the country in the year 2018; which will be again based on new rating system. To avoid any conflict, past performances of players won’t be considered into the new ranking table. So, it’s an open opportunity for each and every Tekken player in the country to acquire top position in Tekken India Rankings.
  • TekkenFreaks Tekken India Ranking” will be published every month.

First ever Tekken League coming to INDIA

The New Rating System:
The Top 8 Tekken players will be qualified for the Grand Finale on account of following rating system:

a.Every participant will be awarded 10 rating points at the start of each tournament. Which means participation will always be advantageous.

b.Player will get 5 rating points on wining each set in a match and he will lose 4 rating points for every set lost. (Note: Do not confuse ‘set’ with matches). Which means each set is important.

c.The winner, the runner-up and the player who finishes third will be given additional 30, 20 and 10 rating points in each tournament.

d. A tournament will be considered valid only if it is open to all (which means details of the tournament should be available public through internet at least 14 days prior to the tournament), one  platform for the tournament (either PC or PlayStation 4 with the details of monitors to be used being made public at least 7 days prior to event), should be live-streamed, minimum 20 participants and all the brackets should be updated on challonge or

(Hence, UCypher Season 1 cannot be a part of this rating system as it was invitation only)

e.Eight players with the highest number of rating points will be able to play in TFOL Grand Finale.

f.The award points will be taken away from any player who quits the tournament in between. However the rating points which are accumulated by the wins in the tournaments will not be taken away even if the player quits the tournament in between.


Tekken-Crash was a hit, in which total of 36 Tekken Players from all around the country participated and many more were not able to participate as they failed to form a crash team.

Mr. Prajwal Suryawanshi (Co-founder of TekkenFreaks Community) on the Ranking Sytem:

“Tekken India Ranking will surely help to maintain the database of Indian Tekken Players. Since, player rankings has never been maintained properly, it’s high time to get professional. The new rating system will not only help to recognize new talents, but also help other Tekken players to acquire their place in top of the list.”

Mr. ShubKaran Rattan (Founder of TekkenFreaks Community) on setting Steam as a platform for TFOL.

It is good to see that input delay on PlayStation 4 has been minimized, but currently we do not have any streamer available who is ready to stream the entire tournament online on PlayStation4. On the other hand, the response from Steam community of Tekken 7 was fantastic in the recent Crash tournament, and yes hats off to Mr. Malay (who is from PSN community) and Hans who went to café to participate in that tournament. We might consider for hosting quarterly tournaments on PS4 if we get at least two streamers, but not a separate league like TFOL”


(List of Tekken Players of India on Steam)

List of Tekken Players on Steam India List of Indian Tekken Players on Steam

The fact is quite clear that the number of Tekken Players on Steam is more than the number of Tekken players on PSN in India with a huge difference. In order to gather Tekken players in India and to show the world about the Tekken Scenario in India, tournaments like Tekken Crash and TFOL might play a key role.

TFOL rules, Dates, Entry fee and the Price Money to be declared next week.  

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