Proving Grounds SFV and Tekken 7 tournament in India 2018

Tekken 7 Arcadian Gaming Tournament Lucknow

TekkenFreaks Tekken7 Tournament Lucknow July 2018 organized by Arcadian Gaming

What an amazing year this has been for Indian Tekken community. Just about half of year has passed and there has been total of 4 (UFT season 3 Delhi, UCypher, Fighters ShowDown Pune, Proving Grounds Bangalore) top notch Tekken 7 tournaments already in different parts of the country. Well, you might give credit to Bandai Namco for precise promotion of the game or game being released for PC as well or just that Tekken 7 is too good; all is contributing to Tekken India community which is growing day by day.

The next King of Iron fist tournament is going to be held in city of Nawabs and Kababs, i.e. Lucknow on July 28. Organized by ‘Arcadian Gaming’, this tournament is now recognized by TekkenFreaks community and hence the participants will get listed in the current TekkenFreaks Player Rankings. A large crowd from Gorakhpur and other areas of UP is expected to attend this event and it’s a golden opportunity for them to be enlisted in national rankings. Mr. Karan Gautam (Event Manager TekkenFreaks) will be attending this event to ensure the quality of the tournament. Let’s quickly jump into the key information of this tournament:

  • Date: 28th July 2018 Saturday
  • Venue: Café WTF, D-2212, Indira Nagar Main Road, Sect C, Sector 18, Lucknow U.P. 226016.
  • Entry Fee: INR 450/-; Venue Charges: INR 100/-
  • Prize Pool: Minimum Prize Pool of INR 10,000 (to be divided in top 3 in the ratio of 50:30:20) which is subject to increase as a lot of Tekken players has now shown the interest for this tournament.
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 4
  • Monitors: BenQ gaming monitors as per the TekkenWorldTour Standards.

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  • Rules:
    Loser can switch characters. However, random stage-select after every match is not compulsory.

No customization is allowed, players need to stick with default costumes of the characters.

Every match will be played in race to 2 formats where winner’s final, losers final and the Grand final will be of race to 3.

Player who wins the losers finals have to reset the bracket by beating the winner of winners finals in first race to 3 match in order to face final race to 3 to win the 1st

No fee (Venue or Entry fee) will be refunded even if the participants wish to quit tournament in between.

Any miss-conduct by the players will lead to disqualification from the tournament

  • Organizer: Arcadian Gaming, Contact No.: 8318023071, 9899929288 (Prakhar)
  • Live Stream at TekkenFreaks Official YouTube Channel:
  • Brackets will be updated at

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