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All About Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

Iron Fist, Harada, Namco, Jinpachi, Call of the Inferno, Dragunov, Lili


Price: US $ 15 global price for PSP version


Being “Tekken Lord” isn’t enough for being the real champ of Iron Fist Tournament; now it is “Divine Fist”, the highest rank given to any player in this edition of Tekken.

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Namco Bandai presents Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection with total of 19 stages with 30 plus characters to play with. Dark Resurrection is basically the update of previously released, most popular Tekken 5. This time, new characters to walk in are, ”Emilie “Lili” Rochefort” (who use street fighting mixed with gymnastic fighting style) and “Sergei Dragunov” (an investigator) with “Jinpachi Mishima” ( Boss of Tekken 5 and father of Heihachi Mishima in the story line) as a playable character for the first time. Similar to previous versions, characters of this fighting game possess a unique fighting style. Doors for vast  possibilities in combat was opened by Tekken 5, and Dark Resurrection implemented those possibilities. Those 19 fighting stages in this edition of Iron Fist are just the modification of stages in previous version. The stage owed by Devil Jin, i.e. Cathedral, has now become Snow-Castel, similarly you’ll find modified versions of “Urban Jungle”, “Water-fall”, ”City at Sunset” etc. . Even the sound tracks are being cleverly modified. “Call of the Inferno” and “Hall of Fate”, are among the best sound tracks of Dark Resurrection.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection features extended combos of characters with twice the number of costumes and customizations that were present in Tekken 5. As mentioned above, the highest rank given to a player is Divine Fist (followed by “Dark Lord”, “Tekken Lord”, “Deity”, “Conqueror”, “War Lord” and so on) this time which is accomplished only by completing all modes present in the game.

Dark Resurrection marked the entry of The King of Iron Fist Tournament into an online multiplayer video game. For the first time ever, online ranking systems were introduced in Tekken in which players can watch other player’s profile (which mainly include player’s global ranking, win percentage, region, etc.) before battling him/her in the combat. Initially launched for Arcade then for PlayStation-Portable, this video game was made available for PlayStation 3 through PSN (PlayStation Network) later in 2007. Over 2.2 million copies of this game were sold in year 2006-7.

Xiayu, Dark Resurrection

Technologically advance, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection runs at 60 frames per-second and was awarded best graphics technology over PSP by IGN for the year 2006. Not just this, rated 9.2 by IGN for the PlayStation 3 version, this game also won best fighting game of the year 2006.

Special Features of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection are:

1)      Online arcade mode with global ranking for the first time.

2)      Best Artificial Intelligence of the series

3)      Extended combos of characters.

4)      Total of 19 fighting stages (with snow castle as the most attractive stage).  

5)      “Devine Fist” as the highest rank given to any player.

6)      Exciting sound-tracks, mainly “Call of the Inferno”, “Hall of Fate” and “Turbo electric”.

7)      30 plus characters to play with including experienced giants king, Paul Phoenix, Feng, Lei, etc., with two new characters to walk in “Dragunov” and “Lili”.