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All About Tekken 3

Hidden stories of Tekken 3

The King of Iron fist Tournament 3, i.e. Tekken 3 marked the entry of Tekken series into a 3-D environment where player use side-stepping. This game’s popularity is such that it is still played in various PlayStation stores in many towns and cities across the world.

Hidden Facts:

1)      There exists a special costume (blue colored) for Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu which opens by pressing start button on the respective character slot. A secret stage also opens simultaneously and is hosted by both characters.

2)      Quickest way to unlock “GON” is to type “GON” when asked for player name at the end of the survival mode.

3)      Doctor Bosconovitch is the last player to be unlocked in Tekken 3, who automatically unlocks after playing plenty of versus and arcade battles.

4)      Character named “Tiger” is also getting unlocked after a plenty of battles in the character slot of eddy Gordo.     

5)      Super, power shot or what we know as un-guardable move is possessed by every character present in Tekken 3, except for king’s Jaguar Lariat which can be missed by crouching.

6)       Jin’s Lightning uppercut is the fastest un-guardable move possessed by any character in Tekken 3. Paul Phoenix’s “Burning Fist” is the second fastest.

7)      When playing Team-battle against CPU in hard mode, you’ll notice chicken from CPU, which hardly happens in arcade battle. 

8)      King has the most number of moves in Tekken 3.

Tekken 3, Paul, PlayStation 1


1)      Armor King Open as playable character after hitting Kuma with “Black Bomb” by King 20 times in a row in practice mode.


        Armor king isn’t present Tekken 3, all those videos we see on youtube are the modification done on ePSXe (PlayStation 1 setup) in the cheat folder.


2)      King has a laser move, Nina uses her knife and Lei uses his pistol by a secret combination.


Well they are the most popular rumors that have been spread since year, as they were cause of few modified videos only.


3)      Ogre is the most powerful character in Tekken 3.


That isn’t true, the king of Iron fist tournament 3 features a well-balanced character in which each character is equally powerful.


15 Comments to All About Tekken 3

  1. Jeff says:

    Excume me but Nina’s knife isn’t a myth. I’ve seen her using it against me with my own eyes, 2 times. And my playstation Tekken 3 disc isn’t modified or something like that. Sadly i can’t prove it to you, but believe me. I’m not crazy. It’s very rare, as i own Tekken 3 for more than 10 years and i’ve seen that move only two times. I’ve never seen Lei using his gun, so i believe this is a myth. But Nina DOES use a knife. If only we could ask people from NAMCO to tell us how is she doing that move…

    • Hans says:

      You’ve seen it while playing against CPU?? even I’ve seen King’s laser, but not in Tekken 3.0!!!

      • Jeff says:

        Yes, against CPU while playing on my PS1. The original game. It’s been years…. I had a friend, also, who claimed that he had seen her too, using her knife. I’ve practiced with Nina for hours but couldn’t make that move. I’ve never seen King’s laser… I think if you play the game in HARD mode against Nina, for many times, she’ll make that move, but you must be very lucky! She also does the chain-throws in HARD mode, which are kind of rare too.

  2. Pankaj Verma says:

    Also I have heard the Rumour that Yoshimitsu throws its sword.Paul take out his belt to beat his opponent.Gun Jack fires his fist like a missile onto his enemy and all the moves are unblockable.
    Please tell me the truth behind this as i am playing tekken 3 for the past 12 years but never seen these moves executed neither by human nor by CPU

  3. ustad says:

    there is nothing as such thing,these thing are crap,the onle moves that are authentic are bugs.

  4. Sumit says:

    Could you please mail the video to me too. I have never seen either of the situations of these players

  5. ABHAY THE DEVIL says:

    Hey! you but Jin Kazama is most deadliest player in tekken series.

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